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libappindicator  12.10.0
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appindicatormodule.c File Reference
#include <pygobject.h>

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void pyappindicator_register_classes (PyObject *d)
 init_appindicator (void)


PyMethodDef pyappindicator_functions []

Function Documentation

init_appindicator ( void  )

Definition at line 34 of file appindicatormodule.c.

              PyObject *m, *d;
              init_pygobject ();
              m = Py_InitModule ("_appindicator", pyappindicator_functions);
              d = PyModule_GetDict (m);
              pyappindicator_register_classes (d);

              _appindicator_add_constants (m, "APP_INDICATOR_");
              if (PyErr_Occurred ()) {
                            Py_FatalError ("can't initialise module appindicator");

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void pyappindicator_register_classes ( PyObject *  d)

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Variable Documentation

PyMethodDef pyappindicator_functions[]