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kdeartwork  4.3.2
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mode.h File Reference
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struct  LockStruct_s
struct  WindowInfo
struct  RunInfo
struct  ModeInfo_s


#define LS_FLAG_INITED   1
#define WI_FLAG_INFO_INITTED   0x001 /* private state flag */
#define WI_FLAG_ICONIC   0x002
#define WI_FLAG_MONO   0x004
#define WI_FLAG_INWINDOW   0x008
#define WI_FLAG_INROOT   0x010
#define WI_FLAG_NOLOCK   0x020
#define WI_FLAG_INSTALL   0x040
#define WI_FLAG_DEBUG   0x080
#define WI_FLAG_USE3D   0x100
#define WI_FLAG_VERBOSE   0x200
#define WI_FLAG_FULLRANDOM   0x400
#define WI_FLAG_WIREFRAME   0x800
#define WI_FLAG_JUST_INITTED   0x1000 /* private state flag */
#define MODE_IS_INITED(ls)   ((ls)->flags & LS_FLAG_INITED)
#define MODE_NOT_INITED(ls)   ( ! MODE_IS_INITED(ls))
#define MI_DISPLAY(mi)   ((mi)->windowinfo.display)
#define MI_SCREEN(mi)   ((mi)->windowinfo.screen)
#define MI_SCREENPTR(mi)   ((mi)->windowinfo.screenptr)
#define MI_REAL_SCREEN(mi)   ((mi)->windowinfo.real_screen)
#define MI_NUM_SCREENS(mi)   ((mi)->windowinfo.num_screens)
#define MI_MAX_SCREENS(mi)   ((mi)->windowinfo.max_screens)
#define MI_WINDOW(mi)   ((mi)->windowinfo.window)
#define MI_WIN_WIDTH(mi)   ((mi)->windowinfo.win_width)
#define MI_WIN_HEIGHT(mi)   ((mi)->windowinfo.win_height)
#define MI_WIN_DEPTH(mi)   ((mi)->windowinfo.win_depth)
#define MI_VISUAL(mi)   ((mi)->windowinfo.visual)
#define MI_COLORMAP(mi)   ((mi)->windowinfo.colormap)
#define MI_WIN_BLACK_PIXEL(mi)   ((mi)->windowinfo.black_pixel)
#define MI_WIN_WHITE_PIXEL(mi)   ((mi)->windowinfo.white_pixel)
#define MI_DELTA3D(mi)   ((mi)->windowinfo.delta3d)
#define MI_WIN_FLAGS(mi)   ((mi)->windowinfo.flags)
#define MI_WIN_SET_FLAG_STATE(mi, f, bool)
#define MI_WIN_FLAG_IS_SET(mi, f)   ((mi)->windowinfo.flags & f)
#define MI_WIN_FLAG_NOT_SET(mi, f)   ( ! MI_WIN_FLAG_IS_SET(mi,f))
#define MI_WIN_IS_USE3D(mi)   (MI_WIN_FLAG_IS_SET (mi, WI_FLAG_USE3D))
#define MI_PERSCREEN(mi)   ((mi)->screeninfo)
#define MI_GC(mi)   ((mi)->screeninfo->gc)
#define MI_NPIXELS(mi)   ((mi)->screeninfo->npixels)
#define MI_CMAP(mi)   ((mi)->screeninfo->cmap)
#define MI_PIXELS(mi)   ((mi)->screeninfo->pixels)
#define MI_PIXEL(mi, n)   ((mi)->screeninfo->pixels[n])
#define MI_BG_COLOR(mi)   ((mi)->screeninfo->bgcol)
#define MI_FG_COLOR(mi)   ((mi)->screeninfo->fgcol)
#define MI_NONE_COLOR(mi)   ((mi)->screeninfo->nonecol) /* -install */
#define MI_RIGHT_COLOR(mi)   ((mi)->screeninfo->rightcol)
#define MI_LEFT_COLOR(mi)   ((mi)->screeninfo->leftcol)
#define MI_PAUSE(mi)   ((mi)->runinfo.pause)
#define MI_DELAY(mi)   ((mi)->runinfo.delay)
#define MI_BATCHCOUNT(mi)   ((mi)->runinfo.batchcount)
#define MI_CYCLES(mi)   ((mi)->runinfo.cycles)
#define MI_SIZE(mi)   ((mi)->runinfo.size)
#define MI_SATURATION(mi)   ((mi)->runinfo.saturation)
#define MI_LOCKSTRUCT(mi)   ((mi)->lockstruct)
#define MI_DEFDELAY(mi)   ((mi)->lockstruct->def_delay)
#define MI_DEFBATCHCOUNT(mi)   ((mi)->lockstruct->def_batchcount)
#define MI_DEFCYCLES(mi)   ((mi)->lockstruct->def_cycles)
#define MI_DEFSIZE(mi)   ((mi)->lockstruct->def_size)
#define MI_DEFSATURATION(mi)   ((mi)->lockstruct->def_saturation)
#define MI_NAME(mi)   ((mi)->lockstruct->cmdline_arg)
#define MI_DESC(mi)   ((mi)->lockstruct->desc)
#define MI_USERDATA(mi)   ((mi)->lockstruct->userdata)


typedef void( ModeHook )(struct ModeInfo_s *)
typedef void( HookProc )(struct LockStruct_s *, struct ModeInfo_s *)
typedef struct LockStruct_s LockStruct
typedef struct ModeInfo_s ModeInfo


void set_default_mode (LockStruct *)
void release_last_mode (ModeInfo *)


HookProc call_init_hook
HookProc call_callback_hook
HookProc call_release_hook
HookProc call_refresh_hook
HookProc call_change_hook
ModeHook init_ant
ModeHook draw_ant
ModeHook release_ant
ModeHook refresh_ant
ModeSpecOpt ant_opts
ModeHook init_ball
ModeHook draw_ball
ModeHook release_ball
ModeHook refresh_ball
ModeSpecOpt ball_opts
ModeHook init_bat
ModeHook draw_bat
ModeHook release_bat
ModeHook refresh_bat
ModeSpecOpt bat_opts
ModeHook init_blot
ModeHook draw_blot
ModeHook release_blot
ModeHook refresh_blot
ModeSpecOpt blot_opts
ModeHook init_bouboule
ModeHook draw_bouboule
ModeHook release_bouboule
ModeHook refresh_bouboule
ModeSpecOpt bouboule_opts
ModeHook init_bounce
ModeHook draw_bounce
ModeHook release_bounce
ModeHook refresh_bounce
ModeSpecOpt bounce_opts
ModeHook init_braid
ModeHook draw_braid
ModeHook release_braid
ModeHook refresh_braid
ModeSpecOpt braid_opts
ModeHook init_bug
ModeHook draw_bug
ModeHook release_bug
ModeHook refresh_bug
ModeSpecOpt bug_opts
ModeHook init_clock
ModeHook draw_clock
ModeHook release_clock
ModeHook refresh_clock
ModeSpecOpt clock_opts
ModeHook init_daisy
ModeHook draw_daisy
ModeHook release_daisy
ModeHook refresh_daisy
ModeSpecOpt daisy_opts
ModeHook init_dclock
ModeHook draw_dclock
ModeHook release_dclock
ModeHook refresh_dclock
ModeSpecOpt dclock_opts
ModeHook init_demon
ModeHook draw_demon
ModeHook release_demon
ModeHook refresh_demon
ModeSpecOpt demon_opts
ModeHook init_drift
ModeHook draw_drift
ModeHook release_drift
ModeHook refresh_drift
ModeSpecOpt drift_opts
ModeHook init_eyes
ModeHook draw_eyes
ModeHook release_eyes
ModeHook refresh_eyes
ModeSpecOpt eyes_opts
ModeHook init_flag
ModeHook draw_flag
ModeHook release_flag
ModeHook refresh_flag
ModeSpecOpt flag_opts
ModeHook init_flame
ModeHook draw_flame
ModeHook release_flame
ModeHook refresh_flame
ModeSpecOpt flame_opts
ModeHook init_forest
ModeHook draw_forest
ModeHook release_forest
ModeHook refresh_forest
ModeSpecOpt forest_opts
ModeHook init_fract
ModeHook draw_fract
ModeHook release_fract
ModeHook refresh_fract
ModeSpecOpt fract_opts
ModeHook init_galaxy
ModeHook draw_galaxy
ModeHook release_galaxy
ModeHook refresh_galaxy
ModeSpecOpt galaxy_opts
ModeHook init_geometry
ModeHook draw_geometry
ModeHook release_geometry
ModeHook refresh_geometry
ModeSpecOpt geometry_opts
ModeHook init_grav
ModeHook draw_grav
ModeHook release_grav
ModeHook refresh_grav
ModeSpecOpt grav_opts
ModeHook init_helix
ModeHook draw_helix
ModeHook release_helix
ModeHook refresh_helix
ModeSpecOpt helix_opts
ModeHook init_hop
ModeHook draw_hop
ModeHook release_hop
ModeHook refresh_hop
ModeSpecOpt hop_opts
ModeHook init_hyper
ModeHook draw_hyper
ModeHook release_hyper
ModeHook refresh_hyper
ModeSpecOpt hyper_opts
ModeHook init_ico
ModeHook draw_ico
ModeHook release_ico
ModeHook refresh_ico
ModeHook change_ico
ModeSpecOpt ico_opts
ModeHook init_ifs
ModeHook draw_ifs
ModeHook release_ifs
ModeSpecOpt ifs_opts
ModeHook init_image
ModeHook draw_image
ModeHook release_image
ModeHook refresh_image
ModeSpecOpt image_opts
ModeHook init_julia
ModeHook draw_julia
ModeHook release_julia
ModeHook refresh_julia
ModeSpecOpt julia_opts
ModeHook init_kaleid
ModeHook draw_kaleid
ModeHook release_kaleid
ModeHook refresh_kaleid
ModeSpecOpt kaleid_opts
ModeHook init_laser
ModeHook draw_laser
ModeHook release_laser
ModeHook refresh_laser
ModeSpecOpt laser_opts
ModeHook init_life
ModeHook draw_life
ModeHook release_life
ModeHook refresh_life
ModeHook change_life
ModeSpecOpt life_opts
ModeHook init_life1d
ModeHook draw_life1d
ModeHook release_life1d
ModeHook refresh_life1d
ModeSpecOpt life1d_opts
ModeHook init_life3d
ModeHook draw_life3d
ModeHook release_life3d
ModeHook refresh_life3d
ModeHook change_life3d
ModeSpecOpt life3d_opts
ModeHook init_lightning
ModeHook draw_lightning
ModeHook release_lightning
ModeHook refresh_lightning
ModeSpecOpt lightning_opts
ModeHook init_lisa
ModeHook draw_lisa
ModeHook release_lisa
ModeHook refresh_lisa
ModeHook change_lisa
ModeSpecOpt lisa_opts
ModeHook init_lissie
ModeHook draw_lissie
ModeHook release_lissie
ModeHook refresh_lissie
ModeSpecOpt lissie_opts
ModeHook init_loop
ModeHook draw_loop
ModeHook release_loop
ModeHook refresh_loop
ModeSpecOpt loop_opts
ModeHook init_marquee
ModeHook draw_marquee
ModeHook release_marquee
ModeHook refresh_marquee
ModeSpecOpt marquee_opts
ModeHook init_maze
ModeHook draw_maze
ModeHook release_maze
ModeHook refresh_maze
ModeSpecOpt maze_opts
ModeHook init_mountain
ModeHook draw_mountain
ModeHook release_mountain
ModeHook refresh_mountain
ModeSpecOpt mountain_opts
ModeHook init_nose
ModeHook draw_nose
ModeHook release_nose
ModeHook refresh_nose
ModeSpecOpt nose_opts
ModeHook init_pacman
ModeHook draw_pacman
ModeHook release_pacman
ModeHook refresh_pacman
ModeSpecOpt pacman_opts
ModeHook init_penrose
ModeHook draw_penrose
ModeHook release_penrose
ModeSpecOpt penrose_opts
ModeHook init_petal
ModeHook draw_petal
ModeHook release_petal
ModeHook refresh_petal
ModeSpecOpt petal_opts
ModeHook init_puzzle
ModeHook draw_puzzle
ModeHook release_puzzle
ModeSpecOpt puzzle_opts
ModeHook init_pyro
ModeHook draw_pyro
ModeHook release_pyro
ModeHook refresh_pyro
ModeSpecOpt pyro_opts
ModeHook init_qix
ModeHook draw_qix
ModeHook release_qix
ModeHook refresh_qix
ModeSpecOpt qix_opts
ModeHook init_roll
ModeHook draw_roll
ModeHook release_roll
ModeHook refresh_roll
ModeSpecOpt roll_opts
ModeHook init_rotor
ModeHook draw_rotor
ModeHook release_rotor
ModeHook refresh_rotor
ModeSpecOpt rotor_opts
ModeHook init_shape
ModeHook draw_shape
ModeHook release_shape
ModeHook refresh_shape
ModeSpecOpt shape_opts
ModeHook init_slip
ModeHook draw_slip
ModeHook release_slip
ModeSpecOpt slip_opts
ModeHook init_sphere
ModeHook draw_sphere
ModeHook release_sphere
ModeHook refresh_sphere
ModeSpecOpt sphere_opts
ModeHook init_spiral
ModeHook draw_spiral
ModeHook release_spiral
ModeHook refresh_spiral
ModeSpecOpt spiral_opts
ModeHook init_spline
ModeHook draw_spline
ModeHook release_spline
ModeHook refresh_spline
ModeSpecOpt spline_opts
ModeHook init_star
ModeHook draw_star
ModeHook release_star
ModeHook refresh_star
ModeSpecOpt star_opts
ModeHook init_strange
ModeHook draw_strange
ModeHook release_strange
ModeSpecOpt strange_opts
ModeHook init_swarm
ModeHook draw_swarm
ModeHook release_swarm
ModeHook refresh_swarm
ModeSpecOpt swarm_opts
ModeHook init_swirl
ModeHook draw_swirl
ModeHook release_swirl
ModeHook refresh_swirl
ModeSpecOpt swirl_opts
ModeHook init_tri
ModeHook draw_tri
ModeHook release_tri
ModeHook refresh_tri
ModeSpecOpt tri_opts
ModeHook init_triangle
ModeHook draw_triangle
ModeHook release_triangle
ModeHook refresh_triangle
ModeSpecOpt triangle_opts
ModeHook init_tube
ModeHook draw_tube
ModeHook release_tube
ModeHook refresh_tube
ModeSpecOpt tube_opts
ModeHook init_turtle
ModeHook draw_turtle
ModeHook release_turtle
ModeHook refresh_turtle
ModeSpecOpt turtle_opts
ModeHook init_wator
ModeHook draw_wator
ModeHook release_wator
ModeHook refresh_wator
ModeSpecOpt wator_opts
ModeHook init_wire
ModeHook draw_wire
ModeHook release_wire
ModeHook refresh_wire
ModeSpecOpt wire_opts
ModeHook init_world
ModeHook draw_world
ModeHook release_world
ModeHook refresh_world
ModeSpecOpt world_opts
ModeHook init_worm
ModeHook draw_worm
ModeHook release_worm
ModeHook refresh_worm
ModeSpecOpt worm_opts
ModeHook init_blank
ModeHook draw_blank
ModeHook release_blank
ModeHook refresh_blank
ModeSpecOpt blank_opts
ModeHook init_random
ModeHook draw_random
ModeHook release_random
ModeHook refresh_random
ModeHook change_random
ModeSpecOpt random_opts
LockStruct LockProcs []
int numprocs

Class Documentation

struct LockStruct_s

Definition at line 36 of file mode.h.

Collaboration diagram for LockStruct_s:
Class Members
ModeHook * callback_hook
ModeHook * change_hook
char * cmdline_arg
int def_batchcount
int def_cycles
int def_delay
float def_saturation
int def_size
char * desc
unsigned int flags
ModeHook * init_hook
ModeSpecOpt * msopt
ModeHook * refresh_hook
ModeHook * release_hook
ModeHook * unused_hook
void * userdata
struct WindowInfo

Definition at line 57 of file mode.h.

Collaboration diagram for WindowInfo:
Class Members
unsigned long black_pixel
Colormap colormap
float delta3d
Display * display
unsigned int flags
int max_screens
int num_screens
int real_screen
int screen
Screen * screenptr
Visual * visual
unsigned long white_pixel
int win_depth
int win_height
int win_width
Window window
struct RunInfo

Definition at line 90 of file mode.h.

Class Members
long batchcount
long cycles
long delay
long pause
float saturation
long size
struct ModeInfo_s

Definition at line 99 of file mode.h.

Collaboration diagram for ModeInfo_s:
Class Members
struct LockStruct_s * lockstruct
RunInfo runinfo
perscreen * screeninfo
WindowInfo windowinfo

Define Documentation

#define LS_FLAG_INITED   1

Definition at line 55 of file mode.h.

#define MI_BATCHCOUNT (   mi)    ((mi)->runinfo.batchcount)

Definition at line 172 of file mode.h.

#define MI_BG_COLOR (   mi)    ((mi)->screeninfo->bgcol)

Definition at line 164 of file mode.h.

#define MI_CMAP (   mi)    ((mi)->screeninfo->cmap)

Definition at line 159 of file mode.h.

#define MI_COLORMAP (   mi)    ((mi)->windowinfo.colormap)

Definition at line 134 of file mode.h.

#define MI_CYCLES (   mi)    ((mi)->runinfo.cycles)

Definition at line 173 of file mode.h.

#define MI_DEFBATCHCOUNT (   mi)    ((mi)->lockstruct->def_batchcount)

Definition at line 179 of file mode.h.

#define MI_DEFCYCLES (   mi)    ((mi)->lockstruct->def_cycles)

Definition at line 180 of file mode.h.

#define MI_DEFDELAY (   mi)    ((mi)->lockstruct->def_delay)

Definition at line 178 of file mode.h.

#define MI_DEFSATURATION (   mi)    ((mi)->lockstruct->def_saturation)

Definition at line 182 of file mode.h.

#define MI_DEFSIZE (   mi)    ((mi)->lockstruct->def_size)

Definition at line 181 of file mode.h.

#define MI_DELAY (   mi)    ((mi)->runinfo.delay)

Definition at line 171 of file mode.h.

#define MI_DELTA3D (   mi)    ((mi)->windowinfo.delta3d)

Definition at line 137 of file mode.h.

#define MI_DESC (   mi)    ((mi)->lockstruct->desc)

Definition at line 185 of file mode.h.

#define MI_DISPLAY (   mi)    ((mi)->windowinfo.display)

Definition at line 123 of file mode.h.

#define MI_FG_COLOR (   mi)    ((mi)->screeninfo->fgcol)

Definition at line 165 of file mode.h.

#define MI_GC (   mi)    ((mi)->screeninfo->gc)

Definition at line 157 of file mode.h.

#define MI_LEFT_COLOR (   mi)    ((mi)->screeninfo->leftcol)

Definition at line 168 of file mode.h.

#define MI_LOCKSTRUCT (   mi)    ((mi)->lockstruct)

Definition at line 177 of file mode.h.

#define MI_MAX_SCREENS (   mi)    ((mi)->windowinfo.max_screens)

Definition at line 128 of file mode.h.

#define MI_NAME (   mi)    ((mi)->lockstruct->cmdline_arg)

Definition at line 184 of file mode.h.

#define MI_NONE_COLOR (   mi)    ((mi)->screeninfo->nonecol) /* -install */

Definition at line 166 of file mode.h.

#define MI_NPIXELS (   mi)    ((mi)->screeninfo->npixels)

Definition at line 158 of file mode.h.

#define MI_NUM_SCREENS (   mi)    ((mi)->windowinfo.num_screens)

Definition at line 127 of file mode.h.

#define MI_PAUSE (   mi)    ((mi)->runinfo.pause)

Definition at line 170 of file mode.h.

#define MI_PERSCREEN (   mi)    ((mi)->screeninfo)

Definition at line 156 of file mode.h.

#define MI_PIXEL (   mi,
)    ((mi)->screeninfo->pixels[n])

Definition at line 161 of file mode.h.

#define MI_PIXELS (   mi)    ((mi)->screeninfo->pixels)

Definition at line 160 of file mode.h.

#define MI_REAL_SCREEN (   mi)    ((mi)->windowinfo.real_screen)

Definition at line 126 of file mode.h.

#define MI_RIGHT_COLOR (   mi)    ((mi)->screeninfo->rightcol)

Definition at line 167 of file mode.h.

#define MI_SATURATION (   mi)    ((mi)->runinfo.saturation)

Definition at line 175 of file mode.h.

#define MI_SCREEN (   mi)    ((mi)->windowinfo.screen)

Definition at line 124 of file mode.h.

#define MI_SCREENPTR (   mi)    ((mi)->windowinfo.screenptr)

Definition at line 125 of file mode.h.

#define MI_SIZE (   mi)    ((mi)->runinfo.size)

Definition at line 174 of file mode.h.

#define MI_USERDATA (   mi)    ((mi)->lockstruct->userdata)

Definition at line 186 of file mode.h.

#define MI_VISUAL (   mi)    ((mi)->windowinfo.visual)

Definition at line 133 of file mode.h.

#define MI_WIN_BLACK_PIXEL (   mi)    ((mi)->windowinfo.black_pixel)

Definition at line 135 of file mode.h.

#define MI_WIN_DEPTH (   mi)    ((mi)->windowinfo.win_depth)

Definition at line 132 of file mode.h.

#define MI_WIN_FLAG_IS_SET (   mi,
)    ((mi)->windowinfo.flags & f)

Definition at line 142 of file mode.h.

#define MI_WIN_FLAG_NOT_SET (   mi,
)    ( ! MI_WIN_FLAG_IS_SET(mi,f))

Definition at line 143 of file mode.h.

#define MI_WIN_FLAGS (   mi)    ((mi)->windowinfo.flags)

Definition at line 138 of file mode.h.

#define MI_WIN_HEIGHT (   mi)    ((mi)->windowinfo.win_height)

Definition at line 131 of file mode.h.

#define MI_WIN_IS_DEBUG (   mi)    (MI_WIN_FLAG_IS_SET (mi, WI_FLAG_DEBUG))

Definition at line 150 of file mode.h.

Definition at line 153 of file mode.h.


Definition at line 144 of file mode.h.


Definition at line 147 of file mode.h.


Definition at line 149 of file mode.h.


Definition at line 146 of file mode.h.

#define MI_WIN_IS_MONO (   mi)    (MI_WIN_FLAG_IS_SET (mi, WI_FLAG_MONO))

Definition at line 145 of file mode.h.


Definition at line 148 of file mode.h.

#define MI_WIN_IS_USE3D (   mi)    (MI_WIN_FLAG_IS_SET (mi, WI_FLAG_USE3D))

Definition at line 151 of file mode.h.


Definition at line 152 of file mode.h.

Definition at line 154 of file mode.h.

#define MI_WIN_SET_FLAG_STATE (   mi,
((mi)->windowinfo.flags = \
                                   (bool) ? (mi)->windowinfo.flags | f \
                                   : (mi)->windowinfo.flags & ~(f))

Definition at line 139 of file mode.h.

#define MI_WIN_WHITE_PIXEL (   mi)    ((mi)->windowinfo.white_pixel)

Definition at line 136 of file mode.h.

#define MI_WIN_WIDTH (   mi)    ((mi)->windowinfo.win_width)

Definition at line 130 of file mode.h.

#define MI_WINDOW (   mi)    ((mi)->windowinfo.window)

Definition at line 129 of file mode.h.

#define MODE_IS_INITED (   ls)    ((ls)->flags & LS_FLAG_INITED)

Definition at line 120 of file mode.h.

#define MODE_NOT_INITED (   ls)    ( ! MODE_IS_INITED(ls))

Definition at line 121 of file mode.h.

#define WI_FLAG_DEBUG   0x080

Definition at line 83 of file mode.h.

#define WI_FLAG_FULLRANDOM   0x400

Definition at line 86 of file mode.h.

#define WI_FLAG_ICONIC   0x002

Definition at line 77 of file mode.h.

#define WI_FLAG_INFO_INITTED   0x001 /* private state flag */

Definition at line 76 of file mode.h.

#define WI_FLAG_INROOT   0x010

Definition at line 80 of file mode.h.

#define WI_FLAG_INSTALL   0x040

Definition at line 82 of file mode.h.

#define WI_FLAG_INWINDOW   0x008

Definition at line 79 of file mode.h.

#define WI_FLAG_JUST_INITTED   0x1000 /* private state flag */

Definition at line 88 of file mode.h.

#define WI_FLAG_MONO   0x004

Definition at line 78 of file mode.h.

#define WI_FLAG_NOLOCK   0x020

Definition at line 81 of file mode.h.

#define WI_FLAG_USE3D   0x100

Definition at line 84 of file mode.h.

#define WI_FLAG_VERBOSE   0x200

Definition at line 85 of file mode.h.

#define WI_FLAG_WIREFRAME   0x800

Definition at line 87 of file mode.h.

Typedef Documentation

typedef void( HookProc)(struct LockStruct_s *, struct ModeInfo_s *)

Definition at line 34 of file mode.h.

typedef struct LockStruct_s LockStruct
typedef void( ModeHook)(struct ModeInfo_s *)

Definition at line 33 of file mode.h.

typedef struct ModeInfo_s ModeInfo

Function Documentation

Variable Documentation

int numprocs

Definition at line 301 of file mode.h.