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kdeartwork  4.3.2


Asciiquarium is a KDE screensaver to draw an ASCII art aquarium. This is the documentation of the API used in the program to generate the effect. It should be fairly simple, but basically:

class AASaver is the main class, which handles outside events. All of the processing happens in the Screen class however, which manages a list of Sprites, updating them and drawing them as needed. When AASaver receives a paintEvent(), it forwards it on to Screen to handle it.

Each Sprite is composed of 1 or more Frames. When a Screen wants a Sprite to draw itself, the Sprite forwards the request to its currently shown Frame.

The Frame is rectangular, and created from textual ASCII art, with a ASCII art shape and color mask. The mask is optional. See aasaver.cpp for examples for creating a Frame.

The Frame supports transparency and colors, and will convert the textual data into a QPixmap representation on demand in order to reduce CPU load (at the expense of a slight memory usage increase for each sprite).

Screen handles the timing for the project, and at each timeout will call Sprite::tickUpdate() from Screen::doAnimate().

This whole program was inspired/copied from Kirk Baucom's asciiquarium program, from