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kdeartwork  4.3.2
TeethSprite Member List
This is the complete list of members for TeethSprite, including all inherited members.
addFrame(const Frame &frame)Sprite
canCollide() const TeethSprite [inline, virtual]
collision(Sprite *sprite)TeethSprite [inline, virtual]
depth() const Sprite [inline]
direction() const MovingSprite [inline]
frameTime() const MovingSprite [inline]
geom() const Sprite
isKilled() const Sprite [inline]
kill()Sprite [inline, virtual]
m_currentFrameSprite [protected]
m_directMovingSprite [protected]
m_frameDelaySprite [protected]
m_framesSprite [protected]
m_frameTimeMovingSprite [protected]
m_isKilledSprite [protected]
m_killAfterLastFrameSprite [protected]
m_realXMovingSprite [protected]
m_screenSprite [protected]
m_speedMovingSprite [protected]
m_ticksSinceFrameChangeSprite [protected]
m_ticksSinceLastChangeMovingSprite [protected]
m_xSprite [protected]
m_ySprite [protected]
m_zSprite [protected]
MovingSprite(Screen *screen, int direct, double speed, int x, int y, int z)MovingSprite [inline]
realSpeed() const MovingSprite [inline]
realX() const MovingSprite [inline]
screen() const Sprite [inline]
setDieAfterLastFrame(bool dieAfterLast)Sprite [inline]
setFrameDelay(int delay)Sprite [inline]
setFrameTime(int milliseconds)MovingSprite [inline]
Sprite(Screen *screen, int x, int y, int z, int frameDelay=100)Sprite
TeethSprite(MovingSprite *shark)TeethSprite [inline]
tickUpdate()MovingSprite [inline, virtual]
timerTick()Sprite [protected]
~Sprite()Sprite [inline, virtual]