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kdeartwork  4.3.2
Screen Member List
This is the complete list of members for Screen, including all inherited members.
addSprite(Sprite *sprite)Screen [inline]
cellHeight() const Screen [inline]
cellWidth() const Screen [inline]
clearSpan(int x, int y, const QPixmap &clearPixmap)Screen
doAnimate()Screen [private, slot]
height() const Screen [inline]
m_addedSpritesScreen [private]
m_backBufferScreen [private]
m_cellHScreen [private]
m_cellWScreen [private]
m_curPainterScreen [private]
m_heightScreen [private]
m_offXScreen [private]
m_offYScreen [private]
m_spritesScreen [private]
m_widgetScreen [private]
m_widthScreen [private]
msPerTick() const Screen
paint(QPaintEvent *pe)Screen
Screen(AASaver *widget)Screen
updateSpan(int x, int y, const QPixmap &updatePixmap)Screen
width() const Screen [inline]