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kdeartwork  4.3.2
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KFluxSetup Class Reference

#include <Flux.h>

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Public Member Functions

 KFluxSetup (QWidget *parent=0)
 ~KFluxSetup ()

Private Slots

void slotHelp ()
void slotOk ()
 Ok pressed - save settings and exit.

Private Attributes

QComboBox * modeW

Detailed Description

Definition at line 135 of file Flux.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

KFluxSetup::KFluxSetup ( QWidget *  parent = 0)

Definition at line 880 of file Flux.cpp.

    : KDialog( parent)
    setButtonText( Help, i18n( "A&bout" ) );
    QWidget *main = new QWidget(this);

    QHBoxLayout* top = new QHBoxLayout( main );
    top->setSpacing( spacingHint() );
    QVBoxLayout* leftCol = new QVBoxLayout;
    top->addLayout( leftCol );

    // Parameters
    QLabel* label = new QLabel( i18n("Mode:"), main );
    leftCol->addWidget( label );

    modeW = new QComboBox( main );
    int i = 0;
    while (defaultText[i])
        modeW->addItem( i18n(defaultText[i++]) );
    leftCol->addWidget( modeW );


    // Preview
    QWidget* preview;
    preview = new QWidget( main );
    preview->setFixedSize( 220, 165 );
        QPalette palette;
        palette.setColor( preview->backgroundRole(), Qt::black );
        preview->setPalette( palette );
    preview->show();    // otherwise saver does not get correct size
    _saver = new KFluxScreenSaver( preview->winId() );

    // Now that we have _saver...
    modeW->setCurrentIndex( _saver->mode() );    // set before we connect
   connect( modeW, SIGNAL(activated(int)), _saver, SLOT(setMode(int)) );
   connect( this, SIGNAL(okClicked()), SLOT(slotOk()));
   connect(this, SIGNAL(helpClicked()),SLOT(slotHelp()));

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Definition at line 930 of file Flux.cpp.

    delete _saver;

Member Function Documentation

void KFluxSetup::slotHelp ( ) [private, slot]

Definition at line 936 of file Flux.cpp.

        i18n("<h3>Flux 1.0</h3>\n<p>Copyright (c) 2002 Terence M. Welsh<br>\n<a href=\"\"></a></p>\n\n<p>Ported to KDE by Karl Robillard</p>"),
        QString(), KMessageBox::AllowLink);

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void KFluxSetup::slotOk ( ) [private, slot]

Ok pressed - save settings and exit.

Definition at line 947 of file Flux.cpp.

    KConfigGroup config(KGlobal::config(), "Settings");

    QString val;
    val.setNum( modeW->currentIndex() );
    config.writeEntry("Mode", val );


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Member Data Documentation

Definition at line 152 of file Flux.h.

QComboBox* KFluxSetup::modeW [private]

Definition at line 151 of file Flux.h.

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