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im-sdk  12.3.91
request-reply.h File Reference
#include <iiimp-data.h>
#include <iiimp.h>
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IIIMF_status iiimf_request_reply (IIIMF_im *im, IIIMF_ic *ic, IIIMP_message *message)

Function Documentation

IIIMF_status iiimf_request_reply ( IIIMF_im *  im,
IIIMF_ic *  ic,
IIIMP_message message 

Definition at line 329 of file request-reply.c.

    IIIMF_status     status;
    uchar_t *        message;
    size_t           nbyte;
    int                     opcode;
    IIIMP_message    message_dummy;

    opcode = iiimf_opcode_reply_internal(message_original->opcode);
    if (IM_NOP == opcode) return IIIMF_STATUS_SUCCESS;

    message_dummy.opcode = opcode;
    message_dummy.length = 8;
    message_dummy.im_id = message_original->im_id;
    message_dummy.ic_id = message_original->ic_id;
    status = iiimf_message_sequence(im, ic, &message_dummy,
    if (IIIMF_STATUS_SUCCESS != status) {
       if (IIIMF_STATUS_SEQUENCE_REQUEST == status) {
           return IIIMF_STATUS_SUCCESS;
       } else {
           return status;

    message = message_reply_pack_func[opcode](im, ic, opcode, message_original,
    if (NULL == message) return IIIMF_STATUS_FAIL;

    status = im->stream->proc_write(im->stream->private_data, message, nbyte);


    return status;

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