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im-sdk  12.3.91
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popupIM.h File Reference
#include "commonIM.h"
#include <X11/Xlib.h>
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struct  _XIMPopupRec
struct  _XICPopupRec


typedef struct _XIMPopupRec XIMPopupRec
typedef struct _XICPopupRec XICPopupRec


void ClosePopupIM (XimCommon im)

Class Documentation

struct _XIMPopupRec

Definition at line 48 of file popupIM.h.

Class Members
GC gc
unsigned int height
GC rgc
int status_height
unsigned int width
Window window
int x
int y
struct _XICPopupRec

Definition at line 59 of file popupIM.h.

Class Members
int menu_index
int menu_index_pre
int menu_offset_x
int menu_offset_y

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct _XICPopupRec XICPopupRec
typedef struct _XIMPopupRec XIMPopupRec

Function Documentation

void ClosePopupIM ( XimCommon  im)

Definition at line 694 of file popupIM.c.

  if (im && im->popup_impart && im->core.display) {
    if (XIM_POPUP(im, gc)) XFreeGC(im->core.display, XIM_POPUP(im, gc));
    if (XIM_POPUP(im, rgc)) XFreeGC(im->core.display, XIM_POPUP(im, rgc));
    if (XIM_POPUP(im, window)) {
      XDestroyWindow(im->core.display, XIM_POPUP(im, window));
    im->popup_impart = 0;

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