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im-sdk  12.3.91
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newpinyin_im.h File Reference
#include "ime.h"
#include "NewPY.h"
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struct  _ImeBufferRec


#define MAX_INPUT_KEY_NUM   128
#define MAX_PREEDIT_CHAR_NUM   128
#define MAX_COMMIT_CHAR_NUM   256
#define MAX_KEYMAP_KEY_NUM   95
#define IME_PREEDIT_AREA   0x01
#define IME_LOOKUP_AREA   0x02
#define IME_STATUS_AREA   0x04
#define IME_COMMIT   0x08
#define IME_BEEP   0x10


typedef struct _ImeBufferRec ImeBufferRec

Class Documentation

struct _ImeBufferRec

Definition at line 30 of file ctim.h.

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Class Members
ImeCandidatesRec candidates
char * candidates
char candidates_buf
int candidates_start_pos
char * comments
char comments_buf
unsigned char * commit_buf
char commit_buf
int commit_len
int cur_lookup_pos
ImeEncoding encoding
char input_buf
int input_len
int lookup_label_type
char * lookups
char lookups_buf
int max_cand_num
int num_candidates
int page_state
ImePreeditRec preedit
char preedit_buf
int preedit_caretpos
int preedit_len
int return_status
int session_id

Define Documentation

#define IME_BEEP   0x10

Definition at line 19 of file newpinyin_im.h.

#define IME_COMMIT   0x08

Definition at line 18 of file newpinyin_im.h.

#define IME_LOOKUP_AREA   0x02

Definition at line 16 of file newpinyin_im.h.

#define IME_PREEDIT_AREA   0x01

Definition at line 15 of file newpinyin_im.h.

#define IME_STATUS_AREA   0x04

Definition at line 17 of file newpinyin_im.h.


Definition at line 10 of file newpinyin_im.h.


Definition at line 7 of file newpinyin_im.h.

#define MAX_COMMIT_CHAR_NUM   256

Definition at line 11 of file newpinyin_im.h.

#define MAX_INPUT_KEY_NUM   128

Definition at line 8 of file newpinyin_im.h.

#define MAX_KEYMAP_KEY_NUM   95

Definition at line 13 of file newpinyin_im.h.

#define MAX_PREEDIT_CHAR_NUM   128

Definition at line 9 of file newpinyin_im.h.

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct _ImeBufferRec ImeBufferRec