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im-sdk  12.3.91
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le_session.h File Reference
#include "le_info.h"
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struct  _LeSessionContextRec


typedef struct _LeSessionContextRec LeSessionContextRec

Class Documentation

struct _LeSessionContextRec

Definition at line 6 of file le_session.h.

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Class Members
ImeCandidatesRec candidates_backup
int candidates_show
unsigned char char_previous
ImeEncoding client_encoding
int current_conversion_status
ImeModuleRec * current_ime_module
int current_input_mode_id
int current_keyboard_id
int current_punct_status
int current_qjbj_status
MInputContext * ic
MInputMethod * im
void * ime_desktop_data
void * ime_session_data
void * ime_user_data
char * locale
ImePreeditRec preedit_backup
int preedit_show
iml_session_t * s

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