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im-sdk  12.3.91
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XlcPubI.h File Reference
#include "XlcPublic.h"
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struct  _XLCdPublicMethodsPart
struct  _XLCdPublicMethodsRec
struct  _XLCdPublicPart
struct  _XLCdPublicRec


#define XLC_PUBLIC(lcd, x)   (((XLCdPublic) lcd->core)->pub.x)
#define XLC_PUBLIC_PART(lcd)   (&(((XLCdPublic) lcd->core)->pub))
#define XLC_PUBLIC_METHODS(lcd)   (&(((XLCdPublicMethods) lcd->methods)->pub))


typedef struct
typedef XLCd(* XlcPubCreateProc )()
typedef Bool(* XlcPubInitializeProc )()
typedef void(* XlcPubDestroyProc )()
typedef char *(* XlcPubGetValuesProc )()
typedef void(* XlcPubGetResourceProc )()
typedef struct
typedef struct
typedef struct _XLCdPublicPart XLCdPublicPart
typedef struct _XLCdPublicRec XLCdPublicRec
typedef struct _XLCdPublicRecXLCdPublic


void _XlcDestroyLC ()
Bool _XlcParseCharSet ()
XlcCharSet _XlcCreateDefaultCharSet ()
XlcCharSet _XlcAddCT ()
XrmMethods _XrmDefaultInitParseInfo ()
int _XmbTextPropertyToTextList ()
int _XwcTextPropertyToTextList ()
int _XmbTextListToTextProperty ()
int _XwcTextListToTextProperty ()
void _XwcFreeStringList ()
int _XlcResolveLocaleName ()
int _XlcResolveDBName ()
int _XlcResolveI18NPath ()
XPointer _XlcCreateLocaleDataBase ()
void _XlcDestroyLocaleDataBase ()
void _XlcGetLocaleDataBase ()


XLCdMethods _XlcPublicMethods

Class Documentation

struct _XLCdPublicMethodsPart

Definition at line 70 of file XlcPubI.h.

Collaboration diagram for _XLCdPublicMethodsPart:
Class Members
XlcPubCreateProc create
XlcPubDestroyProc destroy
XlcPubGetResourceProc get_resource
XlcPubGetValuesProc get_values
XlcPubInitializeProc initialize
XLCdPublicMethods superclass
struct _XLCdPublicMethodsRec

Definition at line 79 of file XlcPubI.h.

Collaboration diagram for _XLCdPublicMethodsRec:
Class Members
XLCdMethodsRec core
XLCdPublicMethodsPart pub
struct _XLCdPublicPart

Definition at line 88 of file XlcPubI.h.

Class Members
char * codeset
const char * default_string
char * default_string
char * encoding_name
Bool is_state_depend
char * language
int mb_cur_max
char * siname
char * territory
XPointer xlocale_db
struct _XLCdPublicRec

Definition at line 100 of file XlcPubI.h.

Collaboration diagram for _XLCdPublicRec:
Class Members
XLCdCoreRec core
XLCdPublicPart pub

Define Documentation

#define XLC_PUBLIC (   lcd,
)    (((XLCdPublic) lcd->core)->pub.x)

Definition at line 32 of file XlcPubI.h.

#define XLC_PUBLIC_METHODS (   lcd)    (&(((XLCdPublicMethods) lcd->methods)->pub))

Definition at line 34 of file XlcPubI.h.

#define XLC_PUBLIC_PART (   lcd)    (&(((XLCdPublic) lcd->core)->pub))

Definition at line 33 of file XlcPubI.h.

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct _XLCdPublicRec * XLCdPublic

Definition at line 40 of file XlcPubI.h.

typedef struct _XLCdPublicRec XLCdPublicRec
typedef XLCd(* XlcPubCreateProc)()

Definition at line 42 of file XlcPubI.h.

typedef void(* XlcPubDestroyProc)()

Definition at line 55 of file XlcPubI.h.

typedef void(* XlcPubGetResourceProc)()

Definition at line 69 of file XlcPubI.h.

typedef char*(* XlcPubGetValuesProc)()

Definition at line 61 of file XlcPubI.h.

typedef Bool(* XlcPubInitializeProc)()

Definition at line 49 of file XlcPubI.h.

Function Documentation

void _XlcDestroyLC ( )

Variable Documentation