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im-sdk  12.3.91
fop_test_client.c File Reference
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <time.h>
#include <locale.h>
#include <iiimcf.h>

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void status_verify (const char *name, IIIMF_status st)
int main (int argc, char **argv)

Function Documentation

int main ( int  argc,
char **  argv 

Definition at line 28 of file fop_test_client.c.

    IIIMCF_handle    handle;
    IIIMCF_attr             attr;
    IIIMCF_attr             attr1;
    IIIMF_status     st;
    IIIMCF_context   context;
    IIIMCF_event     ev;
    IIIMCF_keyevent  kev;
    char *           addr;

    setlocale(LC_ALL, "");

    addr = getenv("IIIMD_OPTION_UDSFILE");

    st = iiimcf_initialize(IIIMCF_ATTR_NULL);
    status_verify("iiimcf_initialize", st);

    st = iiimcf_create_attr(&attr);
    status_verify("iiimcf_create_attr", st);
    st = iiimcf_attr_put_string_value(attr, IIIMCF_ATTR_CLIENT_TYPE,
                                  "fop test");
    status_verify("iiimcf_attr_put_string_value", st);
    st = iiimcf_attr_put_string_value(attr, IIIMCF_ATTR_SERVER_ADDRESS,
    status_verify("iiimcf_attr_put_string_value", st);
    st = iiimcf_attr_put_string_value(attr, IIIMCF_ATTR_SERVER_SERVICE,
    status_verify("iiimcf_attr_put_string_value", st);

    st = iiimcf_create_handle(attr, &handle);
    status_verify("iiimcf_create_handle", st);

    st = iiimcf_create_context(handle, IIIMCF_ATTR_NULL, &context);
    status_verify("iiimcf_create_context", st);

    st = iiimcf_create_attr(&attr1);
    status_verify("iiimcf_create_attr", st);

    st = iiimcf_attr_put_string_value(attr1, IIIMCF_ATTR_INPUT_LANGUAGE,
    status_verify("iiimcf_attr_put_string_value", st);
    st = iiimcf_attr_put_string_value(attr1, IIIMCF_ATTR_INPUT_METHOD,
    status_verify("iiimcf_attr_put_string_value", st);

    iiimcf_context_set_attr(context, attr1);
    status_verify("iiimcf_context_set_attr", st);

    st = iiimcf_create_seticfocus_event(&ev);
    status_verify("iiimcf_create_seticfocus_event", st);

    st = iiimcf_forward_event(context, ev);
    status_verify("iiimcf_forward_event", st);

    kev.keycode = 0;
    kev.keychar = 0;
    kev.modifier = 0;
    kev.time_stamp = time(NULL);
    st = iiimcf_create_keyevent(&kev, &ev);
    status_verify("iiimcf_create_keyevent", st);

#if 0
    st = iiimcf_forward_event(context, ev);
    status_verify("iiimcf_forward_event", st);
    st = iiimcf_destroy_context(context);
    status_verify("iiimcf_destroy_context", st);

    return 0;

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void status_verify ( const char *  name,
IIIMF_status  st 

Definition at line 15 of file fop_test_client.c.

    if (IIIMF_STATUS_SUCCESS == st) {
       printf("%s: %d: success\n", name, st);
    } else {
       printf("%s: %d: fail\n", name, st);

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