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im-sdk  12.3.91
LangIM Member List
This is the complete list of members for LangIM, including all inherited members.
get_hotkey_profile() const LangIM [inline]
get_hrn() const LangIM [inline]
get_id() const LangIM [inline]
get_imname() const LangIM [inline]
get_index() const LangIM [inline]
hotkey_profileLangIM [private]
hrnLangIM [private]
imnameLangIM [private]
indexLangIM [private]
lang_idLangIM [private]
LangIM(int x_index, const char *x_langid, u16string x_imname, u16string x_hrn, const IMHotkeyProfileStruct *hkps)LangIM [inline]