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im-sdk  12.3.91
IMHotkey Member List
This is the complete list of members for IMHotkey, including all inherited members.
action_flagIMHotkey [private]
get_action_flag() const IMHotkey [inline]
get_hotkey_id() const IMHotkey [inline]
get_keylist()IMHotkey [inline, private]
get_keylist() const IMHotkey [inline]
get_label() const IMHotkey [inline]
get_state_flag() const IMHotkey [inline]
hotkey_idIMHotkey [private]
IIIMP_hotkey_profile classIMHotkey [friend]
IMHotkey(int a_id, const IMHotkeyStruct &hk, const u16string &label)IMHotkey
IMHotkey(int a_id, int sflag, int aflag, const IMKeySpecList &a_keys, const u16string &a_label)IMHotkey [inline]
keysIMHotkey [private]
labelIMHotkey [private]
state_flagIMHotkey [private]