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im-sdk  12.3.91
IMAuth Member List
This is the complete list of members for IMAuth, including all inherited members.
access_type enum nameIMAuth
ADDR enum valueIMAuth
ADDR6 enum valueIMAuth
addr6_element_to_number(const char **addr)IMAuth [private]
addr_element_to_number(const char **addr)IMAuth [private]
adjust_pae_slot_size(int newsize)IMAuth [private]
ae_numIMAuth [private]
alloced_ae_numIMAuth [private]
auth_fd(int fd, const char *user=NULL, const char *password=NULL)IMAuth
auth_type enum nameIMAuth
auth_typeIMAuth [private]
check_password(int fd, const char *user, const char *password)IMAuth [inline, protected, virtual]
check_pattern_type(const char *pat)IMAuth [private]
CHECKUSER enum valueIMAuth
command_nameIMAuth [private]
def_atIMAuth [private]
DENY enum valueIMAuth
domainnameIMAuth [private]
fd_ok(int fd)IMAuth
from_addressIMAuth [private]
from_address_bitlenIMAuth [private]
from_hostnameIMAuth [private]
get_access_type(int fd)IMAuth [private]
get_auth_type()IMAuth [inline, protected]
get_command_name()IMAuth [inline, protected]
get_from_hostname()IMAuth [inline, protected]
HOSTNAME enum valueIMAuth
match_addr46_entry(const int *pat, int patbitlen, const int *addr, int addrbitlen)IMAuth [private]
match_entry(auth_entry *p)IMAuth [private]
match_hostname_entry(const char *pat, const char *hostname)IMAuth [private]
NO_ENTRY enum valueIMAuth
normalize_hostname_pattern(const char *pat)IMAuth [private]
paeIMAuth [private]
PASSWORD enum valueIMAuth
pattern_type enum nameIMAuth
PERMIT enum valueIMAuth
set_command_name(const char *cmdname)IMAuth
set_default_entry(access_type at)IMAuth
set_entry(const char *pattern, access_type at)IMAuth
set_fd_from(int fd)IMAuth [protected, virtual]
set_hostinfo()IMAuth [private]
smIMAuth [private]
store_addr6_pattern(const char *pattern, int *addr_pattern)IMAuth [private]
store_addr_pattern(const char *pattern, int *addr_pattern)IMAuth [private]
TCP enum valueIMAuth
UNDEFINED enum valueIMAuth
UNIX enum valueIMAuth
UNKNOWN enum valueIMAuth
~IMAuth()IMAuth [virtual]