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im-sdk  12.3.91
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XIM.h File Reference
#include <X11/Xlib.h>
#include <X11/Xresource.h>
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struct  XIMCallback1
struct  _XIMAnnotation
struct  _XIMUnicodeText
struct  _XIMLookupStartCallbackStruct
struct  _XIMUnicodeChoiceObject
struct  _XIMLookupDrawCallbackStruct
struct  _XIMUncodeSubset
struct  _XIMUncodeSubsets
struct  _XIMSwitchIMNotifyCallbackStruct
union  _XIMUnicodeText.string


#define XNMultiLingualInput   "multiLingualInput"
#define XNQueryUnicodeCharacterSubset   "unicodeCharacterSubset"
#define XNQueryExtensionVersion   "queryExtensionersion"
#define XNUnicodeCharacterSubset   "UnicodeChararcterSubset"
#define XNSwitchIMNotifyCallback   "switchIMNotifyCallback"
#define XNCommitStringCallback   "commitStringCallback"
#define XNForwardEventCallback   "forwardEventCallback"
#define XNLookupStartCallback   "lookupStartCallback"
#define XNLookupDrawCallback   "lookupDrawCallback"
#define XNLookupDoneCallback   "lookupDoneCallback"


typedef int(* XIMProc1 )(XIC, XPointer, XPointer)
typedef struct _XIMAnnotation XIMAnnotation
typedef struct _XIMUnicodeText XIMUnicodeText
typedef struct
typedef struct
typedef struct
typedef struct _XIMUncodeSubset XIMUnicodeCharacterSubset
typedef struct _XIMUncodeSubsets XIMUnicodeCharacterSubsets
typedef struct


enum  XIMDrawUpDirection { XIMDrawUpHorizontally = 0, XIMDrawUpVertically = 1 }
enum  XIMUnicodeCharacterSubsetID { XIMKatakana, XIMHanzi }


XIM XvaOpenIM ()
Status XCloseIM (XIM)

Class Documentation

struct XIMCallback1

Definition at line 51 of file XInputContext.hh.

Class Members
XIMProc1 callback
XPointer client_data
struct _XIMAnnotation

Definition at line 67 of file XIM.h.

Class Members
XPointer data
int end_position
int start_position
struct _XIMUnicodeText

Definition at line 76 of file XIM.h.

Collaboration diagram for _XIMUnicodeText:
Class Members
XIMAnnotation * annotations
unsigned int count_annotations
Bool encoding_is_wchar
XIMFeedback * feedback
unsigned short length
union _XIMUnicodeText string
struct _XIMLookupStartCallbackStruct

Definition at line 95 of file XIM.h.

Class Members
int choice_per_window
XIMDrawUpDirection draw_up_direction
int ncolumns
int nrows
struct _XIMUnicodeChoiceObject

Definition at line 104 of file XIM.h.

Collaboration diagram for _XIMUnicodeChoiceObject:
Class Members
XIMUnicodeText * label
XIMUnicodeText * value
struct _XIMLookupDrawCallbackStruct

Definition at line 109 of file XIM.h.

Collaboration diagram for _XIMLookupDrawCallbackStruct:
Class Members
XIMUnicodeChoiceObject * choices
int current_index
int first_index
int last_index
int n_choices
XIMUnicodeText * title
struct _XIMUncodeSubset

Definition at line 123 of file XIM.h.

Class Members
XIMUnicodeCharacterSubsetID index
Bool is_active
char * name
XIMUnicodeCharacterSubsetID subset_id
struct _XIMUncodeSubsets

Definition at line 130 of file XIM.h.

Collaboration diagram for _XIMUncodeSubsets:
Class Members
unsigned short count_subsets
XIMUnicodeCharacterSubset * supported_subsets
struct _XIMSwitchIMNotifyCallbackStruct

Definition at line 135 of file XIM.h.

Collaboration diagram for _XIMSwitchIMNotifyCallbackStruct:
Class Members
XIMUnicodeCharacterSubset * from
XIMUnicodeCharacterSubset * to
union _XIMUnicodeText.string

Definition at line 80 of file XIM.h.

Class Members
char * multi_byte
unsigned short * utf16_char
wchar_t * wide_char

Define Documentation

Definition at line 144 of file XIM.h.

#define XNCommitStringCallback   "commitStringCallback"

Definition at line 151 of file XIM.h.

#define XNForwardEventCallback   "forwardEventCallback"

Definition at line 152 of file XIM.h.

#define XNLookupDoneCallback   "lookupDoneCallback"

Definition at line 156 of file XIM.h.

#define XNLookupDrawCallback   "lookupDrawCallback"

Definition at line 155 of file XIM.h.

#define XNLookupStartCallback   "lookupStartCallback"

Definition at line 154 of file XIM.h.

#define XNMultiLingualInput   "multiLingualInput"

Definition at line 141 of file XIM.h.

#define XNQueryExtensionVersion   "queryExtensionersion"

Definition at line 143 of file XIM.h.

#define XNQueryUnicodeCharacterSubset   "unicodeCharacterSubset"

Definition at line 142 of file XIM.h.

#define XNSwitchIMNotifyCallback   "switchIMNotifyCallback"

Definition at line 150 of file XIM.h.

#define XNUnicodeCharacterSubset   "UnicodeChararcterSubset"

Definition at line 148 of file XIM.h.

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct _XIMAnnotation XIMAnnotation
typedef int(* XIMProc1)(XIC, XPointer, XPointer)

Definition at line 60 of file XIM.h.

Enumeration Type Documentation


Definition at line 90 of file XIM.h.


Definition at line 119 of file XIM.h.

Function Documentation

Status XCloseIM ( XIM  )

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XIM XvaOpenIM ( )