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im-sdk  12.3.91
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ResourceDB.hh File Reference
#include "IMArg.h"
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struct  _RmDatabase
class  ResourceDB


typedef struct _RmDatabase RmDatabase

Class Documentation

struct _RmDatabase

Definition at line 47 of file ResourceDB.hh.

Class Members
unsigned long background
char * conv_keys
Bool disable_status_area
char * fontset
unsigned long foreground
Bool has_decoration
Bool has_lookup_title
Bool has_root_title
char * hotkey_string
char * htt_server_name
char * if_name
char * lookup_bg_str
int lookup_columns
char * lookup_fg_str
char * lookup_label
char * lookup_place
char * lookup_policy
char * lookup_position
int lookup_rows
char * lookup_title
char * lookup_window
char * port_number
char * preedit_move
Bool preedit_usearrow
Bool respond_to_sm
char * root_display
char * root_geom
char * root_layout
char * root_place
char * root_position
char * root_status_geom
char * root_title
Bool start_iiimd
Bool start_props
Bool static_event_flow
int status_max_width
char * status_place
char * status_position
Bool support_iiimp
Bool support_ximp40
char * udsfile
Bool use_default_colors
Bool use_iiim_props
char * vardir

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct _RmDatabase RmDatabase