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glibc  2.9
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wfiledoalloc.c File Reference
#include "libioP.h"
#include <sys/types.h>
#include <sys/stat.h>

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int _IO_wfile_doallocate (_IO_FILE *fp)

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Definition at line 61 of file wfiledoalloc.c.

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Definition at line 85 of file wfiledoalloc.c.

  _IO_size_t size;
  wchar_t *p;

  /* Allocate room for the external buffer.  */
  if (fp->_IO_buf_base == NULL)
    INTUSE(_IO_file_doallocate) (fp);

  /* If narrow buffer is user allocated (set by setvbuf etc.),
     use that size as the size of the wide buffer, when it is
     allocated by _IO_file_doallocate, multiply that by size
     of the wide character.  */
  size = fp->_IO_buf_end - fp->_IO_buf_base;
  if ((fp->_flags & _IO_USER_BUF))
    size = (size + sizeof (wchar_t) - 1) / sizeof (wchar_t);
  ALLOC_WBUF (p, size * sizeof (wchar_t), EOF);
  INTUSE(_IO_wsetb) (fp, p, p + size, 1);
  return 1;

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