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glibc  2.9
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reboot.h File Reference
#include <features.h>
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#define RB_AUTOBOOT   0x01234567
#define RB_HALT_SYSTEM   0xcdef0123
#define RB_ENABLE_CAD   0x89abcdef
#define RB_DISABLE_CAD   0
#define RB_POWER_OFF   0x4321fedc


__BEGIN_DECLS int reboot (int __howto) __THROW

Define Documentation

#define RB_AUTOBOOT   0x01234567

Definition at line 28 of file reboot.h.

#define RB_DISABLE_CAD   0

Definition at line 37 of file reboot.h.

#define RB_ENABLE_CAD   0x89abcdef

Definition at line 34 of file reboot.h.

#define RB_HALT_SYSTEM   0xcdef0123

Definition at line 31 of file reboot.h.

#define RB_POWER_OFF   0x4321fedc

Definition at line 40 of file reboot.h.

Function Documentation

__BEGIN_DECLS int reboot ( int  __howto)

Definition at line 25 of file reboot.c.

  __set_errno (ENOSYS);
  return -1;

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