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glibc  2.9
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errqueue.h File Reference
#include <sys/types.h>
#include <sys/socket.h>

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struct  sock_extended_err


#define SO_EE_ORIGIN_NONE   0
#define SO_EE_ORIGIN_LOCAL   1
#define SO_EE_ORIGIN_ICMP   2
#define SO_EE_ORIGIN_ICMP6   3
#define SO_EE_OFFENDER(see)   ((struct sockaddr *)(((struct sock_extended_err)(see))+1))

Class Documentation

struct sock_extended_err

Definition at line 27 of file errqueue.h.

Class Members
u_int8_t ee_code
u_int32_t ee_data
u_int32_t ee_errno
u_int32_t ee_info
u_int8_t ee_origin
u_int8_t ee_pad
u_int8_t ee_type

Define Documentation

#define SO_EE_OFFENDER (   see)    ((struct sockaddr *)(((struct sock_extended_err)(see))+1))

Definition at line 43 of file errqueue.h.

#define SO_EE_ORIGIN_ICMP   2

Definition at line 40 of file errqueue.h.

#define SO_EE_ORIGIN_ICMP6   3

Definition at line 41 of file errqueue.h.

#define SO_EE_ORIGIN_LOCAL   1

Definition at line 39 of file errqueue.h.

#define SO_EE_ORIGIN_NONE   0

Definition at line 38 of file errqueue.h.