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glibc  2.9
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ucontext.h File Reference
#include <features.h>
#include <signal.h>
#include <bits/wordsize.h>
#include <bits/sigcontext.h>
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struct  _libc_fpreg
struct  _libc_fpstate
struct  mcontext_t
struct  ucontext


#define NGREG   19


typedef int greg_t
typedef greg_t gregset_t [NGREG]
typedef struct _libc_fpstatefpregset_t
typedef struct ucontext ucontext_t

Class Documentation

struct _libc_fpreg

Definition at line 85 of file ucontext.h.

Class Members
unsigned short int exponent
unsigned short int significand
struct _libc_fpstate

Definition at line 91 of file ucontext.h.

Class Members
unsigned long int cssel
unsigned long int cw
unsigned long int dataoff
unsigned long int datasel
unsigned long int ipoff
unsigned long int status
unsigned long int sw
unsigned long int tag
struct mcontext_t

Definition at line 106 of file ucontext.h.

Collaboration diagram for mcontext_t:
Class Members
int __pad0
unsigned long __unused
unsigned int aregs
unsigned long int cr2
unsigned int dsp
long filler
unsigned int fp_owned
fpregset_t fp_regs
unsigned int fpc_csr
unsigned int fpc_eir
fpregset_t fpregs
unsigned int fpscr
unsigned int fpul
unsigned int gbr
gregset_t gp_regs
gregset_t gpregs
unsigned long gregs
gregset_t gregs
gwindows_t * gwins
unsigned long handler
unsigned long hi1
unsigned long hi2
unsigned long hi3
unsigned long lo1
unsigned long lo2
unsigned long lo3
unsigned int mach
unsigned int macl
long int mc_filler
greg_t mdhi
greg_t mdlo
unsigned int oldmask
unsigned long oldmask
unsigned long int oldmask
unsigned int ownedfp
greg_t pc
unsigned int pc
unsigned int pr
__psw_t psw
unsigned int regmask
struct pt_regs * regs
int signal
unsigned int sr
unsigned int status
unsigned int used_math
vrregset_t * v_regs
int version
long vmx_reserve
fpregset_t xfpregs
xrs_t xrs

Define Documentation

#define NGREG   19

Definition at line 151 of file ucontext.h.

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct _libc_fpstate* fpregset_t

Definition at line 222 of file ucontext.h.

typedef int greg_t

Definition at line 148 of file ucontext.h.

Definition at line 154 of file ucontext.h.

typedef struct ucontext ucontext_t