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glibc  2.9
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shm.h File Reference
#include <bits/types.h>
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struct  shmid_ds


#define SHM_R   0400 /* or S_IRUGO from <linux/stat.h> */
#define SHM_W   0200 /* or S_IWUGO from <linux/stat.h> */
#define SHM_RDONLY   010000 /* attach read-only else read-write */
#define SHM_RND   020000 /* round attach address to SHMLBA */
#define SHM_REMAP   040000 /* take-over region on attach */
#define SHM_LOCK   11 /* lock segment (root only) */
#define SHM_UNLOCK   12 /* unlock segment (root only) */
#define SHMLBA   (__getpagesize ())


typedef unsigned long int shmatt_t


int __getpagesize (void) __THROW __attribute__((__const__))

Class Documentation

struct shmid_ds

Definition at line 46 of file shm.h.

Class Members
struct vm_area_struct * __attaches
unsigned short int __shm_npages
unsigned long int * __shm_pages
unsigned long int __unused1
unsigned long int __unused2
unsigned long int __unused3
unsigned long int __unused4
unsigned long int __unused5
unsigned long __unused5
unsigned long __unused6
__time_t shm_atime
__pid_t shm_cpid
__ipc_pid_t shm_cpid
__time_t shm_ctime
__time_t shm_dtime
__pid_t shm_lpid
__ipc_pid_t shm_lpid
shmatt_t shm_nattch
int shm_segsz
size_t shm_segsz

Define Documentation

#define SHM_LOCK   11 /* lock segment (root only) */

Definition at line 36 of file shm.h.

#define SHM_R   0400 /* or S_IRUGO from <linux/stat.h> */

Definition at line 27 of file shm.h.

#define SHM_RDONLY   010000 /* attach read-only else read-write */

Definition at line 31 of file shm.h.

#define SHM_REMAP   040000 /* take-over region on attach */

Definition at line 33 of file shm.h.

#define SHM_RND   020000 /* round attach address to SHMLBA */

Definition at line 32 of file shm.h.

#define SHM_UNLOCK   12 /* unlock segment (root only) */

Definition at line 37 of file shm.h.

#define SHM_W   0200 /* or S_IWUGO from <linux/stat.h> */

Definition at line 28 of file shm.h.

#define SHMLBA   (__getpagesize ())

Definition at line 42 of file shm.h.

Typedef Documentation

typedef unsigned long int shmatt_t

Definition at line 47 of file shm.h.

Function Documentation

int __getpagesize ( void  ) const

Definition at line 24 of file getpagesize.c.

  __set_errno (ENOSYS);
  return 0;

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