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glibc  2.9
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ipc.h File Reference
#include <bits/types.h>

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struct  ipc_perm


#define IPC_CREAT   01000 /* Create key if key does not exist. */
#define IPC_EXCL   02000 /* Fail if key exists. */
#define IPC_NOWAIT   04000 /* Return error on wait. */
#define IPC_RMID   0 /* Remove identifier. */
#define IPC_SET   1 /* Set `ipc_perm' options. */
#define IPC_STAT   2 /* Get `ipc_perm' options. */
#define IPC_PRIVATE   ((__key_t) 0) /* Private key. */


__BEGIN_DECLS int __ipc (int __call, int __first, int __second, int __third, void *__ptr) __THROW

Class Documentation

struct ipc_perm

Definition at line 40 of file ipc.h.

Class Members
__key_t __key
unsigned short int __pad1
__uint32_t __pad1
unsigned short int __pad2
unsigned int __pad3
__uint32_t __seq
unsigned short int __seq
unsigned long int __unused1
__uint64_t __unused1
unsigned long long int __unused1
unsigned long int __unused2
__uint64_t __unused2
unsigned long long int __unused2
__gid_t cgid
unsigned short int cgid
unsigned int cgid
__uid_t cuid
unsigned int cuid
unsigned short int cuid
__gid_t gid
unsigned short int gid
unsigned int gid
__mode_t mode
unsigned int mode
unsigned short int mode
__uid_t uid
unsigned short int uid
unsigned int uid

Define Documentation

#define IPC_CREAT   01000 /* Create key if key does not exist. */

Definition at line 26 of file ipc.h.

#define IPC_EXCL   02000 /* Fail if key exists. */

Definition at line 27 of file ipc.h.

#define IPC_NOWAIT   04000 /* Return error on wait. */

Definition at line 28 of file ipc.h.

#define IPC_PRIVATE   ((__key_t) 0) /* Private key. */

Definition at line 39 of file ipc.h.

#define IPC_RMID   0 /* Remove identifier. */

Definition at line 31 of file ipc.h.

#define IPC_SET   1 /* Set `ipc_perm' options. */

Definition at line 32 of file ipc.h.

#define IPC_STAT   2 /* Get `ipc_perm' options. */

Definition at line 33 of file ipc.h.

Function Documentation

__BEGIN_DECLS int __ipc ( int  __call,
int  __first,
int  __second,
int  __third,
void *  __ptr