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glibc  2.9
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ucontext.h File Reference
#include <features.h>
#include <signal.h>
#include <bits/sigcontext.h>

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struct  ucontext
union  ucontext._u
struct  ucontext._u._uc


#define _SC_GR0_OFFSET   0xc8 /* pray that this is correct... */
#define uc_mcontext   _u._mc
#define uc_sigmask   _u._mc.sc_mask
#define uc_stack   _u._mc.sc_stack
#define uc_link   _u._uc._link


typedef struct sigcontext
typedef struct ucontext ucontext_t

Class Documentation

union ucontext._u

Definition at line 47 of file ucontext.h.

Class Members
mcontext_t _mc
_u _uc
struct ucontext._u._uc

Definition at line 50 of file ucontext.h.

Class Members
struct ucontext * _link
unsigned long _pad

Define Documentation

#define _SC_GR0_OFFSET   0xc8 /* pray that this is correct... */

Definition at line 42 of file ucontext.h.

#define uc_link   _u._uc._link

Definition at line 64 of file ucontext.h.

#define uc_mcontext   _u._mc

Definition at line 61 of file ucontext.h.

#define uc_sigmask   _u._mc.sc_mask

Definition at line 62 of file ucontext.h.

#define uc_stack   _u._mc.sc_stack

Definition at line 63 of file ucontext.h.

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct sigcontext

Definition at line 33 of file ucontext.h.

typedef struct ucontext ucontext_t