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glibc  2.9
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user.h File Reference

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struct  user_fpregs_struct
struct  user_fpxregs_struct
struct  user_regs_struct
struct  user


#define PAGE_SHIFT   12
#define PAGE_SIZE   (1UL << PAGE_SHIFT)
#define PAGE_MASK   (~(PAGE_SIZE-1))
#define NBPG   PAGE_SIZE
#define UPAGES   1
#define HOST_TEXT_START_ADDR   (u.start_code)
#define HOST_STACK_END_ADDR   (u.start_stack + u.u_ssize * NBPG)

Class Documentation

struct user_fpregs_struct

Definition at line 26 of file user.h.

Class Members
long int cwd
long int fcs
long int fip
long int foo
long int fos
long int st_space
long int swd
long int twd
struct user_fpxregs_struct

Definition at line 38 of file user.h.

Class Members
unsigned short int cwd
long int fcs
long int fip
long int foo
unsigned short int fop
long int fos
long int mxcsr
long int padding
long int reserved
long int st_space
unsigned short int swd
unsigned short int twd
long int xmm_space
struct user_regs_struct

Definition at line 31 of file user.h.

Class Members
short __fill
long a0
long a1
long a2
long a3
long a4
long a5
long a6
long d0
long d1
long d2
long d3
long d4
long d5
long d6
long d7
long int eax
long int ebp
long int ebx
long int ecx
long int edi
long int edx
long int eflags
long int eip
long int esi
long int esp
short fmtvec
long orig_d0
long int orig_eax
long pc
short sr
short stkadj
long usp
long int xcs
long int xds
long int xes
long int xfs
long int xgs
long int xss
struct user

Definition at line 49 of file user.h.

Collaboration diagram for user:
Class Members
unsigned int len
unsigned long int magic
unsigned int magic
unsigned long magic
unsigned long int regs
unsigned long regs
int reserved
unsigned int sigcode
long int signal
int signal
unsigned long int start_code
unsigned long start_code
unsigned long int start_data
unsigned long start_data
unsigned long int start_stack
unsigned long start_stack
struct regs * u_ar0
unsigned long u_ar0
struct user_regs * u_ar0
struct _user_regs_struct * u_ar0
struct user_regs_struct * u_ar0
void * u_ar0
char u_comm
int u_debugreg
unsigned long int u_dsize
size_t u_dsize
struct user_fpregs * u_fp0
struct user_m68kfp_struct * u_fpstate
struct user_fpregs_struct * u_fpstate
int u_fpvalid
unsigned long int u_ssize
size_t u_ssize
unsigned long int u_tsize
size_t u_tsize
struct user uexec

Define Documentation

#define HOST_STACK_END_ADDR   (u.start_stack + u.u_ssize * NBPG)

Definition at line 101 of file user.h.

#define HOST_TEXT_START_ADDR   (u.start_code)

Definition at line 100 of file user.h.

#define NBPG   PAGE_SIZE

Definition at line 98 of file user.h.

#define PAGE_MASK   (~(PAGE_SIZE-1))

Definition at line 97 of file user.h.

#define PAGE_SHIFT   12

Definition at line 95 of file user.h.

#define PAGE_SIZE   (1UL << PAGE_SHIFT)

Definition at line 96 of file user.h.

#define UPAGES   1

Definition at line 99 of file user.h.