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glibc  2.9
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sockaddr.h File Reference
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#define __SOCKADDR_COMMON(sa_prefix)
#define __SOCKADDR_COMMON_SIZE   (2 * sizeof (unsigned char))
#define _HAVE_SA_LEN   1 /* We have the sa_len field. */


typedef unsigned char sa_family_t

Define Documentation

#define __SOCKADDR_COMMON (   sa_prefix)
unsigned char sa_prefix##len;             \
  sa_family_t sa_prefix##family

Definition at line 35 of file sockaddr.h.

#define __SOCKADDR_COMMON_SIZE   (2 * sizeof (unsigned char))

Definition at line 39 of file sockaddr.h.

#define _HAVE_SA_LEN   1 /* We have the sa_len field. */

Definition at line 41 of file sockaddr.h.

Typedef Documentation

typedef unsigned char sa_family_t

Definition at line 29 of file sockaddr.h.