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glibc  2.9
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entry.h File Reference
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#define ENTRY_POINT   _start
#define ENTRY_POINT_DECL(class)   class void _start (void);
#define TEXT_START   (((long int *) ENTRY_POINT)[0])


void _start (void)

Define Documentation

#define ENTRY_POINT   _start

Definition at line 25 of file entry.h.

#define ENTRY_POINT_DECL (   class)    class void _start (void);

Definition at line 28 of file entry.h.

#define TEXT_START   (((long int *) ENTRY_POINT)[0])

Definition at line 34 of file entry.h.

Function Documentation

void _start ( void  )

Definition at line 186 of file eval.c.

  char *buf = NULL;
  size_t bufsz = 0;

  while (__getdelim (&buf, &bufsz, '\n', stdin) > 0)
      char *p = buf;
      eval (&p);

  exit (0);

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