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glibc  2.9
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s_isnan.c File Reference
#include "math.h"
#include <math_ldbl_opt.h>
#include <fenv_libc.h>

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#define __isnanf   __Xisnanf
#define isnanf   Xisnanf
#define __GI___isnanf   __GI___Xisnanf


 __typeof (__isnan)

Define Documentation

#define __GI___isnanf   __GI___Xisnanf

Definition at line 23 of file s_isnan.c.

#define __isnanf   __Xisnanf

Definition at line 21 of file s_isnan.c.

#define isnanf   Xisnanf

Definition at line 22 of file s_isnan.c.

Function Documentation

Definition at line 35 of file s_isnan.c.

  fenv_t savedstate;
  int result;
  savedstate = fegetenv_register ();
  reset_fpscr_bit (FPSCR_VE);
  result = !(x == x);
  fesetenv_register (savedstate);
  return result;