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glibc  2.9
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sigcontext.h File Reference
#include <mach/machine/fp_reg.h>

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struct  sigcontext


#define sc_i386_thread_state   sc_gs /* Beginning of correspondence. */
#define sc_i386_float_state   sc_fpkind
#define sc_sp   sc_uesp /* Stack pointer. */
#define sc_fp   sc_ebp /* Frame pointer. */
#define sc_pc   sc_eip /* Process counter. */
#define sc_ps   sc_efl
#define FPE_INTOVF_TRAP   0x1 /* integer overflow */
#define FPE_INTDIV_FAULT   0x2 /* integer divide by zero */
#define FPE_FLTOVF_FAULT   0x3 /* floating overflow */
#define FPE_FLTDIV_FAULT   0x4 /* floating divide by zero */
#define FPE_FLTUND_FAULT   0x5 /* floating underflow */
#define FPE_SUBRNG_FAULT   0x7 /* BOUNDS instruction failed */
#define FPE_FLTDNR_FAULT   0x8 /* denormalized operand */
#define FPE_FLTINX_FAULT   0x9 /* floating loss of precision */
#define FPE_EMERR_FAULT   0xa /* mysterious emulation error 33 */
#define FPE_EMBND_FAULT   0xb /* emulation BOUNDS instruction failed */
#define ILL_INVOPR_FAULT   0x1 /* invalid operation */
#define ILL_STACK_FAULT   0x2 /* fault on microkernel stack access */
#define ILL_FPEOPR_FAULT   0x3 /* invalid floating operation */
#define DBG_SINGLE_TRAP   0x1 /* single step */
#define DBG_BRKPNT_FAULT   0x2 /* breakpoint instruction */

Class Documentation

struct sigcontext

Definition at line 25 of file sigcontext.h.

Collaboration diagram for sigcontext:
Class Members
unsigned short __pad0
unsigned long __reserved1
unsigned long cr2
unsigned short cs
unsigned long eflags
unsigned long err
struct _fpstate * fpstate
unsigned short fs
unsigned short gs
unsigned int iioq_head
unsigned int iioq_tail
unsigned int iisq_head
unsigned int iisq_tail
unsigned long oldmask
unsigned long r10
unsigned long r11
unsigned long r12
unsigned long r13
unsigned long r14
unsigned long r15
unsigned long r8
unsigned long r9
unsigned long rax
unsigned long rbp
unsigned long rbx
unsigned long rcx
unsigned long rdi
unsigned long rdx
unsigned long rip
unsigned long rsi
unsigned long rsp
unsigned long sc_a0
unsigned long sc_a1
unsigned long int sc_ar25
unsigned long int sc_ar26
unsigned long int sc_ar_bsp
unsigned long int sc_ar_ccv
unsigned long int sc_ar_fpsr
unsigned long int sc_ar_lc
unsigned long int sc_ar_pfs
unsigned long int sc_ar_rnat
unsigned long int sc_ar_rsc
unsigned long int sc_ar_unat
__ptr_t sc_badpaddr
__ptr_t sc_badvaddr
unsigned long int sc_badvaddr
unsigned int sc_badvaddr
unsigned long int sc_br
unsigned int sc_bsd_goto
int sc_cause
unsigned int sc_cause
unsigned long int sc_cfm
unsigned int sc_coproc_used
unsigned int sc_cr
unsigned int sc_cr0
unsigned int sc_cr10
unsigned int sc_cr11
unsigned int sc_cr12
unsigned int sc_cr13
unsigned int sc_cr15
unsigned int sc_cr19
unsigned int sc_cr20
unsigned int sc_cr21
unsigned int sc_cr22
unsigned int sc_cr24
unsigned int sc_cr25
unsigned int sc_cr26
unsigned int sc_cr8
unsigned int sc_cr9
int sc_cs
unsigned int sc_ctr
unsigned long sc_d0
unsigned long sc_d1
unsigned int sc_dar
int sc_ds
unsigned int sc_dsisr
unsigned int sc_dsp
int sc_eax
int sc_ebp
int sc_ebx
int sc_ecx
int sc_edi
int sc_edx
int sc_efl
int sc_eip
int sc_error
int sc_es
unsigned int sc_es_pad0
unsigned int sc_es_pad1
int sc_esi
int sc_esp
unsigned int sc_exception
unsigned long int sc_flags
unsigned short sc_formatvec
unsigned int sc_fpc_csr
int sc_fpc_csr
unsigned int sc_fpc_eir
int sc_fpc_eir
unsigned long sc_fpcntl
long int sc_fpcsr
int sc_fpcsr
int sc_fpeir
int sc_fpexcsr
int sc_fpkind
int sc_fpr
unsigned long long sc_fpregs
int sc_fpregs
unsigned long sc_fpregs
double sc_fpregs
double sc_fprs
unsigned int sc_fpscr
unsigned int sc_fpscr_pad
unsigned char sc_fpstate
int sc_fpused
int sc_fs
int sc_g1
int sc_gpr
unsigned int sc_gprs
unsigned long int sc_gr
int sc_gs
unsigned long sc_hi1
unsigned long sc_hi2
unsigned long sc_hi3
unsigned int sc_intr_port
unsigned long int sc_intr_port
unsigned long int sc_ip
unsigned long sc_lo1
unsigned long sc_lo2
unsigned long sc_lo3
unsigned long int sc_loadrs
unsigned int sc_lr
unsigned long sc_mask
__sigset_t sc_mask
sigset_t sc_mask
unsigned long int sc_mask
unsigned long long sc_mdhi
int sc_mdhi
unsigned long long sc_mdlo
int sc_mdlo
unsigned sc_mpsfu_high
unsigned sc_mpsfu_low
unsigned sc_mpsfu_ovflo
unsigned int sc_mq
unsigned long int sc_nat
int sc_npc
int sc_o0
int sc_onstack
long int sc_onstack
int sc_ownedfp
unsigned int sc_ownedfp
int sc_pad
__ptr_t sc_pc
unsigned long long sc_pc
unsigned long sc_pc
int sc_pc
long int sc_pc
unsigned long int sc_pr
int sc_ps
int sc_psr
unsigned long int sc_rbs_base
unsigned int sc_regmask
int sc_regs
unsigned long long sc_regs
unsigned int sc_regs
long int sc_regs
unsigned int sc_reply_port
unsigned long int sc_reply_port
unsigned long int sc_rsvd
int sc_sp
__ptr_t sc_spbuf
unsigned short sc_sr
unsigned int sc_sr0
unsigned int sc_sr1
unsigned int sc_sr2
unsigned int sc_sr3
unsigned int sc_sr4
unsigned int sc_sr5
unsigned int sc_sr6
unsigned int sc_sr7
unsigned int sc_srr0
unsigned int sc_srr1
int sc_ss
stack_t sc_stack
unsigned int sc_status
unsigned int sc_ts_pad
int sc_uerror
int sc_uesp
unsigned long int sc_um
int sc_used_fpa
unsigned int sc_used_math
unsigned long sc_usp
int sc_wbcnt
int sc_wbuf
unsigned int sc_xer
__siginfo_fpu_t * sigc_fpu_save
char sigc_info
unsigned long sigc_mask
struct sigcontext sigc_regs
struct sigcontext sigc_stack
unsigned long trapno

Define Documentation

#define DBG_BRKPNT_FAULT   0x2 /* breakpoint instruction */

Definition at line 118 of file sigcontext.h.

#define DBG_SINGLE_TRAP   0x1 /* single step */

Definition at line 117 of file sigcontext.h.

#define FPE_EMBND_FAULT   0xb /* emulation BOUNDS instruction failed */

Definition at line 109 of file sigcontext.h.

#define FPE_EMERR_FAULT   0xa /* mysterious emulation error 33 */

Definition at line 108 of file sigcontext.h.

#define FPE_FLTDIV_FAULT   0x4 /* floating divide by zero */

Definition at line 103 of file sigcontext.h.

#define FPE_FLTDNR_FAULT   0x8 /* denormalized operand */

Definition at line 106 of file sigcontext.h.

#define FPE_FLTINX_FAULT   0x9 /* floating loss of precision */

Definition at line 107 of file sigcontext.h.

#define FPE_FLTOVF_FAULT   0x3 /* floating overflow */

Definition at line 102 of file sigcontext.h.

#define FPE_FLTUND_FAULT   0x5 /* floating underflow */

Definition at line 104 of file sigcontext.h.

#define FPE_INTDIV_FAULT   0x2 /* integer divide by zero */

Definition at line 101 of file sigcontext.h.

#define FPE_INTOVF_TRAP   0x1 /* integer overflow */

Definition at line 100 of file sigcontext.h.

#define FPE_SUBRNG_FAULT   0x7 /* BOUNDS instruction failed */

Definition at line 105 of file sigcontext.h.

#define ILL_FPEOPR_FAULT   0x3 /* invalid floating operation */

Definition at line 114 of file sigcontext.h.

#define ILL_INVOPR_FAULT   0x1 /* invalid operation */

Definition at line 112 of file sigcontext.h.

#define ILL_STACK_FAULT   0x2 /* fault on microkernel stack access */

Definition at line 113 of file sigcontext.h.

#define sc_fp   sc_ebp /* Frame pointer. */

Definition at line 94 of file sigcontext.h.

#define sc_i386_float_state   sc_fpkind

Definition at line 84 of file sigcontext.h.

#define sc_i386_thread_state   sc_gs /* Beginning of correspondence. */

Definition at line 56 of file sigcontext.h.

#define sc_pc   sc_eip /* Process counter. */

Definition at line 95 of file sigcontext.h.

#define sc_ps   sc_efl

Definition at line 96 of file sigcontext.h.

#define sc_sp   sc_uesp /* Stack pointer. */

Definition at line 93 of file sigcontext.h.