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glibc  2.9
s_cosl.c File Reference
#include "math.h"
#include "math_private.h"
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long double __cosl (long double x)

Function Documentation

long double __cosl ( long double  x)

Definition at line 53 of file s_cosl.c.

       long double y[2],z=0.0L;
       int64_t n, ix;

    /* High word of x. */

    /* |x| ~< pi/4 */
       ix &= 0x7fffffffffffffffLL;
       if(ix <= 0x3ffe921fb54442d1LL)
         return __kernel_cosl(x,z);

    /* cos(Inf or NaN) is NaN */
       else if (ix>=0x7fff000000000000LL) return x-x;

    /* argument reduction needed */
       else {
           n = __ieee754_rem_pio2l(x,y);
           switch(n&3) {
              case 0: return  __kernel_cosl(y[0],y[1]);
              case 1: return -__kernel_sinl(y[0],y[1],1);
              case 2: return -__kernel_cosl(y[0],y[1]);
                      return  __kernel_sinl(y[0],y[1],1);

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