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glibc  2.9
sysctl.c File Reference
#include <errno.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <sys/sysctl.h>
#include <sysdep.h>
#include <sys/syscall.h>
#include <bp-checks.h>

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int __sysctl (int *name, int nlen, void *oldval, size_t *oldlenp, void *newval, size_t newlen)

Function Documentation

int __sysctl ( int name,
int  nlen,
void *  oldval,
size_t oldlenp,
void *  newval,
size_t  newlen 

Definition at line 29 of file sysctl.c.

  /* GKM FIXME: force __sysctl_args decl to have unbounded pointers.  */
  struct __sysctl_args args =
    .name = name,
    .nlen = nlen,
    .oldval = oldval,
    .oldlenp = oldlenp,
    .newval = newval,
    .newlen = newlen
  (void) CHECK_N (name, nlen);
  (void) CHECK_N (oldval, *oldlenp);
  (void) CHECK_N (newval, newlen);

  return INLINE_SYSCALL (_sysctl, 1, __ptrvalue (&args));

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