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glibc  2.9
lldiv.c File Reference
#include <stdlib.h>
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lldiv_t lldiv (long long int numer, long long int denom)

Function Documentation

lldiv_t lldiv ( long long int  numer,
long long int  denom 

Definition at line 25 of file lldiv.c.

  lldiv_t result;

  result.quot = numer / denom;
  result.rem = numer % denom;

  /* The ANSI standard says that |QUOT| <= |NUMER / DENOM|, where
     NUMER / DENOM is to be computed in infinite precision.  In
     other words, we should always truncate the quotient towards
     zero, never -infinity.  Machine division and remainer may
     work either way when one or both of NUMER or DENOM is
     negative.  If only one is negative and QUOT has been
     truncated towards -infinity, REM will have the same sign as
     DENOM and the opposite sign of NUMER; if both are negative
     and QUOT has been truncated towards -infinity, REM will be
     positive (will have the opposite sign of NUMER).  These are
     considered `wrong'.  If both are NUM and DENOM are positive,
     RESULT will always be positive.  This all boils down to: if
     NUMER >= 0, but REM < 0, we got the wrong answer.  In that
     case, to get the right answer, add 1 to QUOT and subtract
     DENOM from REM.  */

  if (numer >= 0 && result.rem < 0)
      result.rem -= denom;

  return result;