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glibc  2.9
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sofini.c File Reference

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typedef unsigned int ui32 __attribute__ ((mode(SI)))


static const ui32 __FRAME_END__[1] __attribute__ ((used, section(".eh_frame")))


static void(*const __CTOR_END__ [1])(void)
static void(*const __DTOR_END__ [1])(void)

Typedef Documentation

static int __attribute__ [inline]

Definition at line 14 of file sofini.c.

Function Documentation

static const ui32 __FRAME_END__ [1] __attribute__ ( (used, section(".eh_frame"))  ) [static]

Variable Documentation

void(*const __CTOR_END__[1])(void) [static]

Definition at line 4 of file sofini.c.

       { 0 };
void(*const __DTOR_END__[1])(void) [static]

Definition at line 7 of file sofini.c.

       { 0 };