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glibc  2.9
profiles.c File Reference
#include "stringprep.h"

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const Stringprep_profiles stringprep_profiles []
const Stringprep_profile stringprep_nameprep []
const Stringprep_profile stringprep_kerberos5 []
const Stringprep_table_element stringprep_xmpp_nodeprep_prohibit []
const Stringprep_profile stringprep_xmpp_nodeprep []
const Stringprep_profile stringprep_xmpp_resourceprep []
const Stringprep_profile stringprep_plain []
const Stringprep_profile stringprep_trace []
const Stringprep_table_element stringprep_iscsi_prohibit []
const Stringprep_profile stringprep_iscsi []
const Stringprep_table_element stringprep_saslprep_space_map []
const Stringprep_profile stringprep_saslprep []

Variable Documentation

const Stringprep_profile stringprep_iscsi[]

Definition at line 176 of file profiles.c.

const Stringprep_profile stringprep_kerberos5[]
const Stringprep_profile stringprep_nameprep[]
const Stringprep_profile stringprep_plain[]
Initial value:
  {"Nameprep", stringprep_nameprep},
  {"KRBprep", stringprep_kerberos5},      
  {"Nodeprep", stringprep_xmpp_nodeprep},
  {"Resourceprep", stringprep_xmpp_resourceprep},
  {"plain", stringprep_plain},     
  {"trace", stringprep_trace},     
  {"SASLprep", stringprep_saslprep},
  {"ISCSIprep", stringprep_iscsi}, 
  {"iSCSI", stringprep_iscsi},     

Definition at line 24 of file profiles.c.

const Stringprep_profile stringprep_saslprep[]
Initial value:
  {0x0000A0, 0, {0x0020}},  
  {0x001680, 0, {0x0020}},  
  {0x002000, 0, {0x0020}},  
  {0x002001, 0, {0x0020}},  
  {0x002002, 0, {0x0020}},  
  {0x002003, 0, {0x0020}},  
  {0x002004, 0, {0x0020}},  
  {0x002005, 0, {0x0020}},  
  {0x002006, 0, {0x0020}},  
  {0x002007, 0, {0x0020}},  
  {0x002008, 0, {0x0020}},  
  {0x002009, 0, {0x0020}},  
  {0x00200A, 0, {0x0020}},  
  {0x00200B, 0, {0x0020}},  
  {0x00202F, 0, {0x0020}},  
  {0x00205F, 0, {0x0020}},  
  {0x003000, 0, {0x0020}},  

Definition at line 268 of file profiles.c.

const Stringprep_profile stringprep_trace[]
const Stringprep_profile stringprep_xmpp_nodeprep[]
Initial value:

Definition at line 85 of file profiles.c.

const Stringprep_profile stringprep_xmpp_resourceprep[]