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glibc  2.9
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frame.h File Reference

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struct  layout


#define FIRST_FRAME_POINTER   ADVANCE_STACK_FRAME (__builtin_frame_address (0))

Class Documentation

struct layout

Definition at line 21 of file frame.h.

Collaboration diagram for layout:
Class Members
int back_chain
long back_chain
long condition_register
struct layout * ebp
long empty
int empty
long end_of_stack
int end_of_stack
int glue
unsigned long ins
unsigned long locals
void *__unbounded next
struct layout *__unbounded next
void * next
unsigned long next
void * ret
void *__unbounded return_address
void * return_address
long save_fp
int save_fp
long save_grps
int save_grps
long scratch
int scratch
void *__unbounded sp

Define Documentation

#define FIRST_FRAME_POINTER   ADVANCE_STACK_FRAME (__builtin_frame_address (0))

Definition at line 28 of file frame.h.