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glibc  2.9
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plural-exp.h File Reference
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struct  expression
struct  parse_args
union  expression.val


#define PARAMS(args)   ()
#define internal_function
#define attribute_hidden
#define FREE_EXPRESSION   free_plural_expression
#define PLURAL_PARSE   parse_plural_expression
#define GERMANIC_PLURAL   germanic_plural
#define EXTRACT_PLURAL_EXPRESSION   extract_plural_expression


void FREE_EXPRESSION PARAMS ((struct expression *exp)) internal_function
int PLURAL_PARSE PARAMS ((void *arg))
void EXTRACT_PLURAL_EXPRESSION PARAMS ((const char *nullentry, const struct expression **pluralp, unsigned long int *npluralsp)) internal_function
unsigned long int plural_eval PARAMS ((const struct expression *pexp, unsigned long int n))

Class Documentation

struct parse_args

Definition at line 79 of file plural-exp.h.

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Class Members
const char * cp
struct expression * res
union expression.val

Definition at line 70 of file plural-exp.h.

Class Members
struct expression * args
unsigned long int num

Define Documentation

Definition at line 37 of file plural-exp.h.

#define EXTRACT_PLURAL_EXPRESSION   extract_plural_expression

Definition at line 110 of file plural-exp.h.

#define FREE_EXPRESSION   free_plural_expression

Definition at line 107 of file plural-exp.h.

#define GERMANIC_PLURAL   germanic_plural

Definition at line 109 of file plural-exp.h.

Definition at line 33 of file plural-exp.h.

#define PARAMS (   args)    ()

Definition at line 28 of file plural-exp.h.

#define PLURAL_PARSE   parse_plural_expression

Definition at line 108 of file plural-exp.h.

Function Documentation

void FREE_EXPRESSION PARAMS ( (struct expression *exp )
int PLURAL_PARSE PARAMS ( (void *arg )
void EXTRACT_PLURAL_EXPRESSION PARAMS ( (const char *nullentry, const struct expression **pluralp, unsigned long int *npluralsp )
unsigned long int plural_eval PARAMS ( (const struct expression *pexp, unsigned long int n )