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glibc  2.9
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olddirent.h File Reference
#include <dirent.h>

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struct  __old_dirent64


struct __old_dirent64__old_readdir64 (DIR *__dirp)
int __old_readdir64_r (DIR *__dirp, struct __old_dirent64 *__entry, struct __old_dirent64 **__result)
__ssize_t __old_getdents64 (int __fd, char *__buf, size_t __nbytes) internal_function
int __old_scandir64 (__const char *__dir, struct __old_dirent64 ***__namelist, int(*__selector)(__const struct __old_dirent64 *), int(*__cmp)(__const void *, __const void *))

Class Documentation

struct __old_dirent64

Definition at line 24 of file olddirent.h.

Class Members
__ino_t d_ino
char d_name
__off64_t d_off
unsigned short int d_reclen
unsigned char d_type

Function Documentation

__ssize_t __old_getdents64 ( int  __fd,
char *  __buf,
size_t  __nbytes 
struct __old_dirent64* __old_readdir64 ( DIR *  __dirp) [read]
int __old_readdir64_r ( DIR *  __dirp,
struct __old_dirent64 __entry,
struct __old_dirent64 **  __result 
int __old_scandir64 ( __const char *  __dir,
struct __old_dirent64 ***  __namelist,
int(*)(__const struct __old_dirent64 *)  __selector,
int(*)(__const void *, __const void *)  __cmp