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glibc  2.9
sigthread.h File Reference
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int pthread_sigmask (int __how, __const __sigset_t *__restrict __newmask, __sigset_t *__restrict __oldmask) __THROW
int pthread_kill (pthread_t __threadid, int __signo) __THROW

Function Documentation

int pthread_kill ( pthread_t  __threadid,
int  __signo 

Definition at line 57 of file signals.c.

  pthread_handle handle = thread_handle(thread);
  int pid;

  __pthread_lock(&handle->h_lock, NULL);
  if (invalid_handle(handle, thread)) {
    return ESRCH;
  pid = handle->h_descr->p_pid;
  if (kill(pid, signo) == -1)
    return errno;
    return 0;

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int pthread_sigmask ( int  __how,
__const __sigset_t *__restrict  __newmask,
__sigset_t *__restrict  __oldmask