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glibc  2.9
nldbl-strfmon_l.c File Reference
#include "nldbl-compat.h"

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ssize_t attribute_hidden __strfmon_l (char *s, size_t maxsize, __locale_t loc, const char *format,...)

Function Documentation

ssize_t attribute_hidden __strfmon_l ( char *  s,
size_t  maxsize,
__locale_t  loc,
const char *  format,

Definition at line 5 of file nldbl-strfmon_l.c.

  va_list ap;
  ssize_t res;

  va_start (ap, format);
  res = __nldbl___vstrfmon_l (s, maxsize, loc, format, ap);
  va_end (ap);
  return res;