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glibc  2.9
td_ta_tsd_iter.c File Reference
#include "thread_dbP.h"
#include <linuxthreads/internals.h>
#include <alloca.h>

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td_err_e td_ta_tsd_iter (const td_thragent_t *ta, td_key_iter_f *callback, void *cbdata_p)

Function Documentation

td_err_e td_ta_tsd_iter ( const td_thragent_t *  ta,
td_key_iter_f callback,
void *  cbdata_p 

Definition at line 26 of file td_ta_tsd_iter.c.

  struct pthread_key_struct *keys;
  int pthread_keys_max;
  int cnt;

  LOG ("td_ta_tsd_iter");

  /* Test whether the TA parameter is ok.  */
  if (! ta_ok (ta))
    return TD_BADTA;

  pthread_keys_max = ta->pthread_keys_max;
  keys = (struct pthread_key_struct *) alloca (sizeof (keys[0])
                                          * pthread_keys_max);

  /* Read all the information about the keys.  */
  if (ps_pdread (ta->ph, ta->keys, keys,
               sizeof (keys[0]) * pthread_keys_max) != PS_OK)
       return TD_ERR;       /* XXX Other error value?  */

  /* Now get all descriptors, one after the other.  */
  for (cnt = 0; cnt < pthread_keys_max; ++cnt)
    if (keys[cnt].in_use
       /* Return with an error if the callback returns a nonzero value.  */
       && callback (cnt, keys[cnt].destr, cbdata_p) != 0)
      return TD_DBERR;

  return TD_OK;