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glibc  2.9
ioseekpos.c File Reference
#include <libioP.h>

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_IO_off64_t _IO_seekpos_unlocked (_IO_FILE *fp, _IO_off64_t pos, int mode)
_IO_off64_t _IO_seekpos (_IO_FILE *fp, _IO_off64_t pos, int mode)

Function Documentation

_IO_off64_t _IO_seekpos ( _IO_FILE fp,
_IO_off64_t  pos,
int  mode 

Definition at line 55 of file ioseekpos.c.

  _IO_off64_t retval;

  _IO_acquire_lock (fp);
  retval = _IO_seekpos_unlocked (fp, pos, mode);
  _IO_release_lock (fp);
  return retval;

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Definition at line 31 of file ioseekpos.c.

  /* If we have a backup buffer, get rid of it, since the __seekoff
     callback may not know to do the right thing about it.
     This may be over-kill, but it'll do for now. TODO */
  if (_IO_fwide (fp, 0) <= 0)
      if (_IO_have_backup (fp))
       INTUSE(_IO_free_backup_area) (fp);
      if (_IO_have_wbackup (fp))
       INTUSE(_IO_free_wbackup_area) (fp);

  return _IO_SEEKOFF (fp, pos, 0, mode);

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