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glibc  2.9
key_prot.h File Reference
#include <sunrpc/rpc/key_prot.h>

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bool_t xdr_cryptkeyres_internal (XDR *xdrs, cryptkeyres *objp) attribute_hidden
bool_t xdr_keystatus_internal (XDR *, keystatus *) attribute_hidden
bool_t xdr_keybuf_internal (XDR *, keybuf) attribute_hidden
bool_t xdr_cryptkeyarg_internal (XDR *, cryptkeyarg *) attribute_hidden
bool_t xdr_cryptkeyarg2_internal (XDR *, cryptkeyarg2 *) attribute_hidden
bool_t xdr_key_netstres_internal (XDR *, key_netstres *) attribute_hidden
bool_t xdr_key_netstarg_internal (XDR *, key_netstarg *) attribute_hidden
bool_t xdr_netnamestr_internal (XDR *, netnamestr *) attribute_hidden
bool_t xdr_unixcred_internal (XDR *, unixcred *) attribute_hidden

Function Documentation

bool_t xdr_cryptkeyres_internal ( XDR xdrs,
cryptkeyres objp