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glibc  2.9
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auth.h File Reference
#include <sunrpc/rpc/auth.h>

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 libc_hidden_proto (getnetname) libc_hidden_proto(netname2user) libc_hidden_proto(host2netname) libc_hidden_proto(user2netname) libc_hidden_proto(key_gendes) struct key_netstarg
int key_setnet (struct key_netstarg *arg)
bool_t xdr_des_block_internal (XDR *__xdrs, des_block *__blkp) attribute_hidden
bool_t xdr_opaque_auth_internal (XDR *, struct opaque_auth *) attribute_hidden
AUTHauthunix_create_internal (char *__machname, __uid_t __uid, __gid_t __gid, int __len, __gid_t *__aup_gids) attribute_hidden
AUTHauthunix_create_default_internal (void) attribute_hidden
AUTHauthnone_create_internal (void) attribute_hidden
AUTHauthdes_pk_create_internal (const char *, netobj *, u_int, struct sockaddr *, des_block *) attribute_hidden

Define Documentation

#define DECLARE_NSS_PROTOTYPES (   service)
extern enum nss_status _nss_ ##service ## _netname2user               \
                       (char netname[MAXNETNAMELEN + 1], uid_t *uidp, \
			gid_t *gidp, int *gidlenp, gid_t *gidlist,    \
                     int *errnop);

Definition at line 14 of file auth.h.

Function Documentation

AUTH* authdes_pk_create_internal ( const char *  ,
netobj ,
u_int  ,
struct sockaddr ,
AUTH* authunix_create_internal ( char *  __machname,
__uid_t  __uid,
__gid_t  __gid,
int  __len,
__gid_t __aup_gids 
int key_setnet ( struct key_netstarg arg)
bool_t xdr_des_block_internal ( XDR __xdrs,
des_block __blkp