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glibc  2.9
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if_tr.h File Reference
#include <sys/cdefs.h>
#include <sys/types.h>

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struct  trh_hdr
struct  trllc
struct  tr_statistics


#define TR_ALEN   6 /* Octets in one token-ring addr */
#define TR_HLEN   (sizeof (struct trh_hdr) + sizeof (struct trllc))
#define AC   0x10
#define LLC_FRAME   0x40
#define EXTENDED_SAP   0xAA
#define UI_CMD   0x03
#define TR_RII   0x80
#define TR_RCF_DIR_BIT   0x80
#define TR_RCF_LEN_MASK   0x1f00
#define TR_RCF_BROADCAST   0x8000 /* all-routes broadcast */
#define TR_RCF_LIMITED_BROADCAST   0xC000 /* single-route broadcast */
#define TR_RCF_FRAME2K   0x20
#define TR_RCF_BROADCAST_MASK   0xC000
#define TR_MAXRIFLEN   18

Class Documentation

struct trh_hdr

Definition at line 37 of file if_tr.h.

Class Members
u_int8_t ac
u_int8_t daddr
u_int8_t fc
u_int16_t rcf
u_int16_t rseg
u_int8_t saddr
struct trllc

Definition at line 48 of file if_tr.h.

Class Members
u_int8_t dsap
u_int16_t ethertype
u_int8_t llc
u_int8_t protid
u_int8_t ssap
struct tr_statistics

Definition at line 58 of file if_tr.h.

Class Members
unsigned long A_C_errors
unsigned long abort_delimiters
unsigned long burst_errors
unsigned long dummy1
unsigned long frame_copied_errors
unsigned long frequency_errors
unsigned long internal_errors
unsigned long line_errors
unsigned long lost_frames
unsigned long multicast
unsigned long recv_congest_count
unsigned long rx_bytes
unsigned long rx_dropped
unsigned long rx_errors
unsigned long rx_packets
unsigned long token_errors
unsigned long transmit_collision
unsigned long tx_bytes
unsigned long tx_dropped
unsigned long tx_errors
unsigned long tx_packets

Define Documentation

#define AC   0x10

Definition at line 29 of file if_tr.h.

#define EXTENDED_SAP   0xAA

Definition at line 33 of file if_tr.h.

#define LLC_FRAME   0x40

Definition at line 30 of file if_tr.h.

#define TR_ALEN   6 /* Octets in one token-ring addr */

Definition at line 27 of file if_tr.h.

#define TR_HLEN   (sizeof (struct trh_hdr) + sizeof (struct trllc))

Definition at line 28 of file if_tr.h.

#define TR_MAXRIFLEN   18

Definition at line 95 of file if_tr.h.

#define TR_RCF_BROADCAST   0x8000 /* all-routes broadcast */

Definition at line 91 of file if_tr.h.

#define TR_RCF_BROADCAST_MASK   0xC000

Definition at line 94 of file if_tr.h.

#define TR_RCF_DIR_BIT   0x80

Definition at line 89 of file if_tr.h.

#define TR_RCF_FRAME2K   0x20

Definition at line 93 of file if_tr.h.

#define TR_RCF_LEN_MASK   0x1f00

Definition at line 90 of file if_tr.h.

#define TR_RCF_LIMITED_BROADCAST   0xC000 /* single-route broadcast */

Definition at line 92 of file if_tr.h.

#define TR_RII   0x80

Definition at line 88 of file if_tr.h.

#define UI_CMD   0x03

Definition at line 34 of file if_tr.h.