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glibc  2.9
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dl-tlsdesc.h File Reference
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struct  tlsdesc
struct  dl_tls_index
struct  tlsdesc_dynamic_arg


typedef struct dl_tls_index tls_index


ptrdiff_t attribute_hidden __attribute__ ((regparm(1))) _dl_tlsdesc_return(struct tlsdesc *)
ptrdiff_t attribute_hidden _dl_tlsdesc_undefweak (struct tlsdesc *)
ptrdiff_t attribute_hidden _dl_tlsdesc_resolve_abs_plus_addend (struct tlsdesc *)
ptrdiff_t attribute_hidden _dl_tlsdesc_resolve_rel (struct tlsdesc *)
ptrdiff_t attribute_hidden _dl_tlsdesc_resolve_rela (struct tlsdesc *)
ptrdiff_t attribute_hidden _dl_tlsdesc_resolve_hold (struct tlsdesc *)

Class Documentation

struct dl_tls_index

Definition at line 22 of file dl-tls.h.

Class Members
unsigned long int ti_module
unsigned long int ti_offset
struct tlsdesc_dynamic_arg

Definition at line 39 of file dl-tlsdesc.h.

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Class Members
size_t gen_count
tls_index tlsinfo

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct dl_tls_index tls_index

Function Documentation

ptrdiff_t attribute_hidden __attribute__ ( (regparm(1))  )

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Here is the caller graph for this function: