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glibc  2.9
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grp.h File Reference
#include <features.h>
#include <bits/types.h>
#include <stddef.h>
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struct  group


#define __need_size_t


struct groupgetgrgid (__gid_t __gid)
struct groupgetgrnam (__const char *__name)

Class Documentation

struct group

Definition at line 218 of file argp-parse.c.

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Class Members
struct argp * argp
unsigned args_processed
void ** child_inputs
__gid_t gr_gid
char ** gr_mem
char * gr_name
char * gr_passwd
void * hook
void * input
struct group * parent
unsigned parent_index
argp_parser_t parser
char * short_end

Define Documentation

#define __need_size_t

Definition at line 32 of file grp.h.

Function Documentation

struct group* getgrgid ( __gid_t  __gid) [read]

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struct group* getgrnam ( __const char *  __name) [read]

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