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glibc  2.9
grouping.h File Reference
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const wchar_t * __correctly_grouped_prefixwc (const wchar_t *begin, const wchar_t *end, wchar_t thousands, const char *grouping) attribute_hidden
const char * __correctly_grouped_prefixmb (const char *begin, const char *end, const char *thousands, const char *grouping) attribute_hidden

Function Documentation

const char* __correctly_grouped_prefixmb ( const char *  begin,
const char *  end,
const char *  thousands,
const char *  grouping 
const wchar_t* __correctly_grouped_prefixwc ( const wchar_t *  begin,
const wchar_t *  end,
wchar_t  thousands,
const char *  grouping 

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