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glibc  2.9
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gmon.h File Reference
#include <features.h>
#include <sys/types.h>
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struct  __bb
struct  tostruct
struct  rawarc
struct  gmonparam


#define HISTCOUNTER   unsigned short
#define HISTFRACTION   2
#define HASHFRACTION   2
#define ARCDENSITY   3
#define MINARCS   50
#define ARCINDEX   u_long
#define MAXARCS   (1 << 20)
#define ROUNDDOWN(x, y)   (((x)/(y))*(y))
#define ROUNDUP(x, y)   ((((x)+(y)-1)/(y))*(y))
#define GMON_PROF_ON   0
#define GMON_PROF_BUSY   1
#define GMON_PROF_ERROR   2
#define GMON_PROF_OFF   3
#define GPROF_STATE   0 /* int: profiling enabling variable */
#define GPROF_COUNT   1 /* struct: profile tick count buffer */
#define GPROF_FROMS   2 /* struct: from location hash bucket */
#define GPROF_TOS   3 /* struct: destination/count structure */
#define GPROF_GMONPARAM   4 /* struct: profiling parameters (see above) */


__BEGIN_DECLS void __monstartup (u_long __lowpc, u_long __highpc) __THROW
void monstartup (u_long __lowpc, u_long __highpc) __THROW
void _mcleanup (void) __THROW


struct __bb__bb_head

Class Documentation

struct __bb

Definition at line 46 of file gmon.h.

Collaboration diagram for __bb:
Class Members
const unsigned long * addresses
long * counts
const char * filename
long ncounts
struct __bb * next
long zero_word
struct tostruct

Definition at line 132 of file gmon.h.

Class Members
long count
u_long selfpc
struct rawarc

Definition at line 142 of file gmon.h.

Class Members
long raw_count
u_long raw_frompc
u_long raw_selfpc
struct gmonparam

Definition at line 157 of file gmon.h.

Collaboration diagram for gmonparam:
Class Members
ARCINDEX * froms
u_long fromssize
u_long hashfraction
u_long highpc
u_short * kcount
u_long kcountsize
long log_hashfraction
u_long lowpc
long int state
u_long textsize
long tolimit
struct tostruct * tos
u_long tossize

Define Documentation

#define ARCDENSITY   3

Definition at line 108 of file gmon.h.

#define ARCINDEX   u_long

Definition at line 120 of file gmon.h.

#define GMON_PROF_BUSY   1

Definition at line 177 of file gmon.h.

#define GMON_PROF_ERROR   2

Definition at line 178 of file gmon.h.

#define GMON_PROF_OFF   3

Definition at line 179 of file gmon.h.

#define GMON_PROF_ON   0

Definition at line 176 of file gmon.h.

#define GPROF_COUNT   1 /* struct: profile tick count buffer */

Definition at line 185 of file gmon.h.

#define GPROF_FROMS   2 /* struct: from location hash bucket */

Definition at line 186 of file gmon.h.

#define GPROF_GMONPARAM   4 /* struct: profiling parameters (see above) */

Definition at line 188 of file gmon.h.

#define GPROF_STATE   0 /* int: profiling enabling variable */

Definition at line 184 of file gmon.h.

#define GPROF_TOS   3 /* struct: destination/count structure */

Definition at line 187 of file gmon.h.

#define HASHFRACTION   2

Definition at line 96 of file gmon.h.

#define HISTCOUNTER   unsigned short

Definition at line 61 of file gmon.h.

#define HISTFRACTION   2

Definition at line 66 of file gmon.h.

#define MAXARCS   (1 << 20)

Definition at line 130 of file gmon.h.

#define MINARCS   50

Definition at line 115 of file gmon.h.

#define ROUNDDOWN (   x,
)    (((x)/(y))*(y))

Definition at line 151 of file gmon.h.

#define ROUNDUP (   x,
)    ((((x)+(y)-1)/(y))*(y))

Definition at line 152 of file gmon.h.

Function Documentation

__BEGIN_DECLS void __monstartup ( u_long  __lowpc,
u_long  __highpc 
void _mcleanup ( void  )

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void monstartup ( u_long  __lowpc,
u_long  __highpc 

Variable Documentation

struct __bb* __bb_head