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glibc  2.9
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00001 /* -mlong-double-64 compatibility mode macros.  Stub version.
00003    These macros are used by some math/ and sysdeps/ieee754/ code.
00004    These are the generic definitions for when no funny business is going on.
00005    sysdeps/ieee754/ldbl-opt/math_ldbl_opt.h defines them differently
00006    for platforms where compatibility symbols are required for a previous
00007    ABI that defined long double functions as aliases for the double code.  */
00009 #define LONG_DOUBLE_COMPAT(lib, introduced) 0
00010 #define long_double_symbol(lib, local, symbol)
00011 #define ldbl_hidden_def(local, name) libc_hidden_def (name)
00012 #define ldbl_strong_alias(name, aliasname) strong_alias (name, aliasname)
00013 #define ldbl_weak_alias(name, aliasname) weak_alias (name, aliasname)
00014 #define __ldbl_is_dbl 0