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glibc  2.9
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00001 _S(EAI_ADDRFAMILY, N_("Address family for hostname not supported"))
00002 _S(EAI_AGAIN, N_("Temporary failure in name resolution"))
00003 _S(EAI_BADFLAGS, N_("Bad value for ai_flags"))
00004 _S(EAI_FAIL, N_("Non-recoverable failure in name resolution"))
00005 _S(EAI_FAMILY, N_("ai_family not supported"))
00006 _S(EAI_MEMORY, N_("Memory allocation failure"))
00007 _S(EAI_NODATA, N_("No address associated with hostname"))
00008 _S(EAI_NONAME, N_("Name or service not known"))
00009 _S(EAI_SERVICE, N_("Servname not supported for ai_socktype"))
00010 _S(EAI_SOCKTYPE, N_("ai_socktype not supported"))
00011 _S(EAI_SYSTEM, N_("System error"))
00012 _S(EAI_INPROGRESS, N_("Processing request in progress"))
00013 _S(EAI_CANCELED, N_("Request canceled"))
00014 _S(EAI_NOTCANCELED, N_("Request not canceled"))
00015 _S(EAI_ALLDONE, N_("All requests done"))
00016 _S(EAI_INTR, N_("Interrupted by a signal"))
00017 _S(EAI_IDN_ENCODE, N_("Parameter string not correctly encoded"))